Like many things to do with Wicca, this is fluid. There are overlaps and paradoxes. Each individual Wiccan, or coven can and should evolve his or her own picture from feelings and responses.

In Wiccan Traditions that are primarily Goddess-orientated the cycle may be celebrated in terms of the changing face of the Earth Mother alone (and some Wiccan Traditions do not have eight Sabbats). The calendar below, however, illustrates what those who think in terms of both the Goddess and the God.

The dates on the right side are the Northern Hemisphere dates, and those in itallics are for the Southern Hemisphere.

31 October – Samhain – 30 April

The end of October, the God is true Lord of the Underworld. The Goddess is the Wise Crone. They are both old and clothed in mystery. This is a time of death, leading to re-birth once more at Yule.

Winter Solstice – Yule – Summer Solstice

The God is born as the son of the Goddess. She also can be seen as re-birthing Herself – bright baby, magickal Maiden.

2 February – Imbolc – 31 July

The start of February, the Goddess is both Mother and Maiden. She has recently given birth and is fruitful and creative. She is also burgeoning along with the snowdrops and ewes’ milk. She is Maiden. The God is both young and growing.

Spring Equinox – Ostara – Autumn Equinox

The God and Goddess are both youthful and vibrant with the excitement of Their potential.

30 April – Beltane – 31 October

The Start of May, the God and the Goddess, having come to maturity, mate and celebrate Their love in joy.

Summer Solstice – Litha – Winter Solstice

The Goddess is mature and glowing. The God changes. Slowly he begins to turn His face towards the realm of quiet and shadows. The Goddess is serene and fruitful mother of the glory of nature.

31 July – Lammas – 2 February

The Goddess as Earth Mother presides over the first harvests. In a sense the God now dies, cut down with the corn. In another sense He is re-born in all the provisions made from the harvest.

Autumn Equinox – Mabon – Spring Equinox

The Goddess is still gentle Mother Earth. This is really the second of the ‘harvest’ celebrations. The God is a shadowy presence.