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Spiral Nature 2017 Media Kit and Rate Card

Advertise with Spiral Nature in 2017

Founded in 2000, Spiral Nature is an online magazine focused on Paganism, witchcraft, magick, and occulture – the places where art, music, pop culture,...
Spiral Nature Advertising

Susan Starr is Spiral Nature’s new advertising coordinator

If you'd like to learn more about our advertising opportunities, please check out our current media kit, and get in contact with Susan.
Spiral Nature Membership Program

Spiral Nature Membership Program

Spiral Nature is launching a membership site to help fund its expansion. We welcome your support!
Spiral Nature 4.0

Happy birthday, Spiral Nature

The new layout for Spiral Nature retains many of the same features of the previous design, but it's a little cleaner, and, hopefully, easier to navigate.
Spiral Nature Media Kit - July 2015

Spiral Nature Media Kit for July 2015

In Spiral Nature's latest media kit, ads start from as low as $25 per month.
Spiral Nature Forums

New: Spiral Nature Forums

You asked for it, and we delivered! Check out the new Spiral Nature forums...
Spiral Nature is now on Pinterest

Spiral Nature is now on Pinterest

For those who are unfamiliar with it, Pinterest is a pin board-style social media site that allows users to collect images on theme-based boards.
Spiral Nature is on Tumblr

Spiral Nature is on Tumblr

Spiral Nature joined Facebook early on, recently got on Twitter and Google+, and now you can find us on Tumblr too.
Spiral Nature Website, February 2014

Spiral Nature Redesign

This is the third time in Spiral Nature's history that the website has gone through a complete redesign.
Spiral Nature Google Plus

Spiral Nature is on Google+

Spiral Nature recently got its own Twitter account, @SpiralNature, and now we're on Google+ too.
Spiral Nature Twitter

Spiral Nature is now on Twitter

Spiral Nature now its own dedicated Twitter account: @SpiralNature.
RSS Icon

Reminder: Google Reader closing down July 1st, 2013

For those subscribed to our RSS feed who currently use Google Reader, this is just a reminder that Google Reader will be closing down on July 1st, 2013.

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