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Artist Spotlight: Taylor Ellwood at Spiral Nature

Artist Spotlight: Taylor Ellwood

I probably say this in all my Artist Spotlight articles, but interviewing magical or occultnik artists is one...
pop culture magic systems by taylor ellwood reviewed at spiral nature

Pop Culture Magic Systems, by Taylor Ellwood

Pop Culture Magic Systems gives pop culture fans innovative ways to build a magical practice that is meaningful to them, and could easily become a journey to personal fulfillment and avant-garde spirituality.

Persona 5: A video game rife with occult themes

Persona 5 is just as much about navigating the social as it is the supernatural. Yet, Persona 5 is also surprisingly grounded and almost ritualistic.
Hades by redcarpet2010

Worshipping familiar gods: Going beyond pop culture

We can be called to honour deities from cultures other than our own. Even if we have seen a movie with the deity in it, there's still more to learn.
True Blood, Lafayette

Four times pop culture got magick right

Entertainment media loves magic but they're not very good at showing how magick really works. These works of fiction show magick in a true light.
Circuit board, photo by Creativity103

How to use technology for better magick

Technology and magick can be used together for greater magick. These devices, apps, and websites will help grow and manage your practice.
Pen and ink, photo by Tekke

Dreamers, shapers, singers, and makers: Magick and the art of storytelling

Storytelling allows us to create whole new worlds or to recast our current one in a more striking shape -- as dream, as nightmare, or political tool.
Lego pile, photo by Justin Grimes

Lego magick for creativity and protection

The possibilities for using Lego blocks in magick is just about endless.
Bubbles, photo by Dave Lundy

Pop culture magick: Intro and prosperity spell

Pop culture magick is all the rage these days, but that begs the questions: what is pop culture magick, why should you use it, and how does it work?

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