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Bring spring into your home this Ostara at Spiral Nature

Bring spring into your home this Ostara

By refreshing your home for Ostara, and starting new life, you are balancing the energies from the last dregs of winter with that of spring.
Daffodil, photo by Patrizia

Celebrating the vernal equinox: Beyond bunnies and eggs

The vernal equinox is celebrated in the west as Ostara by many but this is just one way to observe it. Many cultures have unique takes on this special day.
Beltane, by Melanie Marquis

Beltane, by Melanie Marquis

Beltane: Rituals, Recipes and Lore for May Day is a perfect guide to ignite the spark of creativity, of growth, of love and of promise.
Bunny, photo by Benson Kua

Ostara: Welcoming the fecund earth

Ostara is associated with the Earth’s renewal and fertility after the long winter.
Osatara eggs, photo by Ketzirah Lesser

Ostara, by Kerri Connor

With Ostara, Kerri Connor crafts a fresh presence, presenting fun yet profound information. This is a great guide to celebrating Ostara.
Wheat harvest, photo by Bernat Casero

Mabon: The harvest of the autumn equinox

The second harvest corresponds to the autumnal equinox and is called Mabon, a modern name derived from the Welsh god Modron.
Pisanki, photo by Praktyczny Przewodnik

Ostara traditions: Eggs, rabbits, and rituals

Keeping with tradition, Ostara is a great time for spell work involving new beginnings, birth, fertility, children and love.

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