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July’s poll asks, Do you banish before workings?

Do you banish before workings?

  • Yes, always. (31%, 25 Votes)
  • Sometimes, when I can. (29%, 23 Votes)
  • Nope, never. (25%, 20 Votes)
  • Not often, but I'd like to learn more. (9%, 7 Votes)
  • Not sure that that is. (6%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 80

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If so, how do you banish or cleanse?

If not, why not? Do you do something else to centre yourself instead?


  1. I think this is caused by the years of practice and I just got used to it, but every time I start any ceremonial operation, I do LBPR, it makes me more focused and the operation clear. I do not banish in case of quick operations (like triggers) or meditations / prayers.

    • Makes sense. I tend to banish only before certain operations. Most of the time I don’t feel the need to in my home temple, and use other centring methods.

  2. I sometimes perform the lesser banishing ritual but in general, the circle is my perimeter of
    security. I usually cast the circle with a rattle and sage smoke. For grounding and centering
    I use the Qabalistic Cross.

    • Sounds cool. I’d love to hear more about casting the circle with a rattle and sage. Would you be interested in doing a write up for Spiral Nature? If so, email me at editor at spiralnature dot com. Thanks!

  3. I always banish before more formal or time consuming rituals, but I’m battling with the decision to do so during my morning workings. Since moving to a smaller apartment, I’m having to deal with converting my living and dining space into a temporary temple. Ideally, I’d like to banish before starting my work in this space, but I’m struggling with time and repetitiveness.

    • Maybe you can work out a simpler routine for your morning rites? Something to clear your mind and space, but without as many elaborate trappings?

  4. No banishings. Ever.

    When I invoke a spirit, it hangs around at its leisure. The spirits I deal with do not overstay, but may linger like a buddy who extends a vacation. Some come and go with a whisper.

    When I think of a banishing, I imagine I turnong my phone silent, locking the door, and selecting a suitable playlist in order to spend some time in contemplation.

    Spirits are always welcome, other people, less so.

  5. Another “other” here. I rarely do, but depending on what the ritual is, I might. I’m not a fan of the big-banish obsession some folks have. It’s good from time to time, and you should know it for when it is necessary, but a lot of the time it’s not needed, and arguably even detrimental to your working.


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