Spiral Nature Linkage for Friday, 13 April 2018Magick linkage

How do you choose the right tarot deck? See also Donyae Coles’ article, “How to buy a tarot deck.”

Nick Farrell on the lesser banishing ritual of the hexagram.

Is magick dangerous?

Adventures of a city witch. On a related note, see Samantha Bell’s “5 ways to connect with nature as an urban Pagan.”

Spirituality linkage

Chas Clifton muses on bringing Paganism into the streets.

What are the obligations of your seasonal practices? Do your gods have certain expectations of you?

Notes on building your own liturgical calendar.

What does it mean to grow “beyond” atheism in a Pagan context?

The importance of creating trans and nonbinary inclusive Pagan events. For more on this, also see Xenia’s “Honouring queer and nonbinary forms of nature” and Donyae Coles’ “Beyond the gender binary in Pagan practice.” On a related note, it’s also important to create spaces that are inclusive across all intersections. See Donyae Coles’ “Racism in magical communities” for more.

An invocation of the archangel Anael .

Occulture linkage

What can fictional religions tell us about real beliefs?

Phil Hine on Baradā Kānta Majumdār and the introduction of chakras to the west.

An interview with Egan, the creator of the Delta Enduring Tarot.

Reviews linkage

Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism reviewed. Also see Susan Starr’s review of Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism.

A review of The Last Pagan Emperor: Julian the Apostate and the War against Christianity.

Science and Spiritual Practices reviewed.

A review of Musicians in Ancient Coroplastic Art: Iconography, Ritual Contexts, and Functions.

Deeper Into The Underworld reviewed. Check out Alanna Wright’s review of Deeper Into the Underworld too.

A review of Queer Magic.

Calls for submission

Lupa has put out a call for submissions to Vulture Culture 101: A Book For People Who Like Dead Things. Compensation: $100 and 10 copies of the printed book.

Bonus linkage

The New York Times is finally recognizing some of the great women who have died, and publishing obituaries for them.