Hidden Insights: Astrology for the week of 15 April 2018

Hidden Insights would like to first dispel some of the rumour surrounding the Green Full Moon on Friday, 20 April 2018 that have been floating around social media. This is not going to happen, as the Moon itself will have just been new on the 15th. Astronomically, the Moon will only be a waxing crescent. Given the predicted date for the occurrence, this is likely inspired by cannabis culture as playful joke on their celebratory day.

While there may not be a rare Full Moon this week, we do have a powerful New Moon in Aries on the same day Mercury goes direct. Aries energy brings drive, ambition, and action. When we have our annual Aries Moon, it signals a time to start taking action. This is why so many of us start to feel revitalized in the spring — it’s not just the increasingly warmer weather. With Mercury also turning direct, it’s going to feel a lot like the start of a race. The Moon amps up our energy, and Mercury’s shift in motion is like the starting signal. We can anticipate a lot of action this week as everyone charges forward with plans, ideas, and go-getting attitudes. Don’t be surprised if the world seems in a rush, and anticipate the week and time to feel like it is moving fast.

Saturn also changes direction this week and stations retrograde in Capricorn. This begins a five month period of reflective review. Think about Cher’s song “If I could turn back time.” Much of this period will focus on what we have already achieved, and this gives a chance to use this information to make more concrete plans for the future. In Capricorn it can bring some financial responsibilities back into our lives, particularly if it is something we have put on the back burner. So if you currently have student loans in deferment or debt on hold, you may want to make sure you are prepared to handle these in the coming months.

Finally, Hidden Insights would like to discuss the Sun conjunct Uranus this week. It occurs on Wednesday, 18 April 2018 in Aries. While a Sun and Uranus alignment is not a rare event, we will not see it in Aries for another 76 years. The last time Uranus was in Aries was 1927-1935. If we look back at this period, we saw both amazing advances and global disasters. This ranged from the invention of long distant flights, the discovery of microwaves, talking movies, the rise of Adolf Hitler, and the Great Depression. While there have been several recent Sun Uranus conjunctions in the years Uranus has been in this sign, the last one has the potential to produce some electrifying effects. Anticipate this day to be full of shocking surprises, raised tensions, and possibly military action or bomb testing.

Astro Homework

With two major planetary shifts this week and the Sun joining Uranus, there is a powerhouse of energy to tap into this week. At some point this week, on Wednesday if possible, create an image of importance to you either in a drawing, clay sculpture, or written verse. Let this sit in the Sun to give it life. Think of Frankenstein’s monster that was brought into creation through lightning. Allow the Sun to do the same thing.

Aries (21 March — 20 April)

You’re set for a powerful and productive week ahead, Aries. The New Moon occurs in your sign, Mercury stations direct in your sign, and the Sun-Uranus conjunction also occurs in your sign. Expect to make some significant headway in areas of your life where you may have previously felt stagnant. Tuesday could bring a shift in your financial future, so you’ll want to be on the lookout for the chance to make some more money. Debts could also be forgiven or extended with this aspect as well. As Saturn turns retrograde in your 10th house of career and reputation, you may start to notice some changes at work. You may feel less confident or secure where you work, but this is only false fear. Saturn is going to ask you to show a bit more humility in this area of your life over the next few months. Later in the week the Sun moves into Taurus, and your natural second house. This brings light and vitality to your financial prospects and marks a 30 day period where you can improve your financial situation.

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Taurus (21 April — 20 May)

The Sun enters your sign this week, Taurus, and the world gets a taste of your strength and stability. The planets are asking you to recharge both your physical and spiritual batteries. While you may have been feeling a little sluggish lately, this week brings the chance to reinvigorate. Monday bring the opportunity to find peace with a stressful situation that has been weighing you down. You may have the strength of a bull in your shoulders, but even you need some rest. Tuesday bring some excitement into your life, as a friend you may not have heard from in a while comes to call. They are here to remind you what is most important in life, and if you listen carefully, you’ll hear exactly what you need to in order to get through the next five months as Saturn moves retrograde. On Wednesday it will be best to just roll with life. Nothing is ever truly sacred or secret, and you may have to reveal something about yourself to others. On a lighter note, as the Sun moves out of your 12th house and into your first, you begin a new cycle of strength and self-identity. It’s time to let go of what may have been depressing you in order to live your best days in the sunlight.

Avian mentor: Dove

Gemini (21 May — 20 June)

It’s time to deal with some old wounds this week, Gemini, and make amends with friends you may have been om conflict with. The New Moon and Mercury direct will inspire you to build healthier relationships with others. It also signals a week where you’ll be given the opportunity to not only meet new people, but also to make powerful networking connections. Your work life is also looking good this week, as productivity and interactions with women on Tuesday could put you in line for a promotion. While all of this wonderful energy is surrounding you, it’s important to note the soberness of Saturn stationing retrograde in your sector of debt and joint resources. This is likely to initiate a challenging financial period for you, and you’ll want to be extra diligent about not overspending. If you do, you could see yourself in a financial argument by the weekend.

Avian mentor: Loon

Cancer (21 June — 20 July)

Goals and life’s direction are highlighted this week, Cancer. If you’re not motivated to work towards what you’re currently doing, it may be time to think about a different direction. Either way, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running early this week with an intense desire to make your mark on the world. This is fantastic for getting noticed at school or work. It is also possible you may be inspired to start or plan a business this week. However, these feelings may feel like they are squashed by others around you as Saturn stations retrograde in your house of interpersonal relationships. This can make it difficult over the next five months to really connect with others. As a Cancer, this may feel like a horrifying challenge, but it’s giving you the opportunity to become more self-reliant and confident without the input or acceptance of others. So if you are confronted with those who want to put down your ideas or dreams, take it with a grain of salt. You can do anything without anyone else. Be most cautious with this on Wednesday when the Sun and Uranus align, those in position of authority will test you. Don’t let them control how you feel.

Avian mentor: Woodpecker

Leo (21 July — 20 August)

Morality seems to rule your life this week, Leo, and you may find yourself on a moral crusade. Not that you are a stranger to strong opinions, but you’ll certainly be feeling the need to preach. Tuesday brings a lovely surprise to your home, and if you are involved romantically, you may want to try and get out of work early. While we are on the topic of work, you may find yourself in the middle of drama with a coworker. You’ll come out on top because you are inspired to take the moral high road. Saturn’s retrograde affects two areas of your life this week: health and work. The next five months are a time to reevaluate your health and wellbeing, and you may even be forced to change your diet or exercise patterns. You may also need to review your own productivity at work, as Saturn wants you to review your previous patterns.

Avian mentor: Great Horned Owl

Virgo (21 August — 20 September)

Empowerment is the name of the game this week, Virgo. The New Moon in your eight house gives you the opportunity to feel more in control of your life. You’ll be confronted with the need to master some skills that may have become rusty, but you’ll soar with ease. Your finances are also highlighted this week, and it’s possible you’ll be able to put some money away. If possible, you’ll want to start a savings account or look at your investments. For those of you who are in committed relationships, your partner may also see a financial boost this week, as your joint finances will be blessed with some fortunate surprises. As Saturn turns retrograde in your fifth house, you may feel like there is less time for fun. While your ability to unwind and play may be limited for a while, this can centre responsibilities to help you get through a period where you need to be more disciplined and focused. Over the weekend you can expect to take on some extra responsibility around the house.

Avian mentor: Sparrow

Libra (21 September — 20 October)

If your love life has felt stuck for the last few weeks, Libra, you’ll be back on track early in the week. Monday has the potential to bring a very interesting character into your life, and you will either have the opportunity to become involved romantically with them, or join professional forces with them. This person is likely to bring out your adventurous side. Wednesday becomes a little complicated, and you’ll need to lean on support to stay focused. An unexpected expense related to your home may pop up, and you won’t be able to wait long to take care of it. This all occurs as Saturn begins moving backwards in your sector of your home life. This can sometimes shake our sense of security at home, and you may want to prepare for some changes to how you ground yourself. You may also have a parent who needs more help than usual, so be on the lookout. Over the weekend you can anticipate finalizing plans with a friend or family member, especially if you have a trip planned in the near future.

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Scorpio (21 October — 20 November)

It’s time to get organized this week, Scorpio, and clean out your physical and mental closets. A fire is in your soul this week to purge and clean. Thankfully, you’ll have the support of someone in your life as you go on this hiatus. While you feel more productive, it’s not just about getting things done. You’ll want to improve your environment and your life. As this spills over into your work life, you’ll likely be asked by a coworker or supervisor to help with a special project. Utilize your talent for investigation, and put it to good use here. Relatives may pop into your life on Tuesday or Wednesday and they may to bring stress or drama with them. It’s best to hold off on having conversation or returning phone calls from these people until at least Thursday, as Saturn’s retrograde motion will affect your sector of communication and mental faculties. Trust me — this isn’t as bad as it sounds. In actuality, this creates the ability to not become overwhelmed when confronted with a great deal of tasks, errands, or responsibilities. You may even notice yourself become more social over the next four months as nothing seems to truly worry you right now.

Avian mentor: Falcon

Sagittarius (21 November — 20 December)

Passion and romance are heightened for you this week, Sagittarius, and you may be more bold and outgoing. You’re also more playful and creative this week, so make sure you stretch your artistic side. Use the energy of the Aries New Moon to get out and socialize, play, and perhaps make a little bit of mischief. You could find yourself on a hike, long walk, or even a kayak ride at some point this week. Just don’t forget to invite someone along, as your energy will be infectious, and you are both certain to have a good time. Some financial good news comes your way on Tuesday or Wednesday, which gives you reason to celebrate or have fun. As Saturn turns retrograde this week in your sector of values and finances, you’re given the opportunity to really evaluate what you get out of all your hard work. The answer is likely some rest and relaxation, and don’t feel guilty if you spend some money on these types of activities right now. They are well earned.

Avian mentor: Blue-footed Booby

Capricorn (21 December —20 January)

Your own psychic intuition becomes increasingly important to you, Capricorn, and this week and it’s time for you to trust your gut more than ever. This is because the stars are asking you to develop a stronger sense of inner security. Sometimes the past helps ground us, and you may find that you’re looking at your own family history or genetic roots. Certainly honour these desires, and make time to do some genealogical research. Saturn rules Capricorn and it stations retrograde this week. This means the next five months could bring some feelings of being stuck or frustrated, so look for ways to boost your personal security now. Wednesday might feel like a rollercoaster ride at home, so expect the unexpected. There is a very good chance many Capricorns will be experiencing loss of electricity, frustratingly non-compliant technology, and even rambunctious pets or children. The weekend is something spectacular to look forward to, as the Sun begins to illuminate your sector of leisure and creativity. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon out or a weekend away, chances are you’ll be invited somewhere.

Avian mentor: Heron

Aquarius (21 January — 20 February)

It’s time to learn something new this week, Aquarius, and you’re natural curiosity seems to be overly stimulated. Of course, this sounds great, and for the most part it is. You just don’t want to end up spending all night watch how-to videos or becoming obsessed with learning a new skill. Rein in some of that excitement and establish a plan when you feel compelled to learn or create something new. Given your affinity for technology, it is likely you may come across an online course that interests you. Try to remember that some online classes are free and you don’t have to earn an entire degree to learn something new. Your mode of transportation is also highlighted this week, so if you ride a bike, drive a car, take a bus or train, expect some delays or minor malfunctions on Wednesday. Like Capricorn, Saturn is also your ruling planet and it turns retrograde this week. However, for you, it asks you to come out of your personal safe space, and get involved with people in new environments.

Avian mentor: Crow

Pisces (21 February — 20 March)

You’re senses are heightened this week, Pisces, which should be familiar as Pisces is a highly intuitive sign. Over the first few days, you may notice that you’re more in tune with what gives you pleasure, as well as what turns you off. Enjoy exploring different flavours, colours, smells, sounds, and tactile experiences. Tuesday could bring a woman into your life who is able to stimulate your philosophical side, and you’ll have the opportunity to practice your ability to debate. Your finances play a larger part of your life on Wednesday, when some unexpected news or technical issues could bring stress to your pockets. Remember that this will be short lived, and the world won’t fall apart with a minor bump in the road. Saturn turns retrograde in your sector of friends and social circles. For you, this is likely to bring a period of retreat from groups as a whole, and while you may have friends asking you to get out and be social, now just won’t seem like the right time for you. It’s ok to say no, you don’t have to please everyone.

Avian mentor: Hornbill