Spiral Nature Linkage for Friday, 23 November 2018Occulture linkage

American millennials don’t dig Christianity, and witchcraft is on the rise. And everyone’s got a news story about it.

On a (possibly?) related note, Netflix and the Satanic Temple have come to an agreement about Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and its appropriation of a Baphomet statue in Detroit.

Yvonne Aburrow on the symbol she devised for inclusive Wicca.

Confronting the truth about sexual abuse in our communities can be difficult, but it’s necessary work in order to forge a path forward for those who are newly entering them –as well as for ourselves.

Gavin Fox on nostalgia and Generation Hex. (I wrote my thoughts about this five years ago in “Chaotes then and now.”)

In contrast, an old man is sad about how witches are portrayed in pop culture.

On the future of masculinity with tips on how to get there.

Apparently Americans used to tell ghost stories at Christmas, and the Smithsonian wants to revive that tradition. How many of you occultniks tell ghost stories, like, any chance you get? Most? All?

How important is authenticity? What does it mean in a Pagan or occultnik context?

Magick linkage

Scarlet Magdalene on being a witch in a time of political upheaval.

Magick requires compassion and empathy.

Camelia Elias makes beautiful, magical cards.

If the universe is magical, is that always a good thing?

Magical tools can be just about anything. Also see “Witching on a budget: Magick on the cheap” by Donyae Coles for cost effective methods.

What is a north node, and what does it do?

Spirituality linkage

Emma Kathryn on animism and spirit work.

On DIY altar creation. For more, see also “Creating your altar: A beginner’s guide” by Donyae Coles and “How to build an ancestor altar” by Susan Starr.

Learn about Diva Angerona, goddess of secrecy.

Yes, you can be your own spiritual leader. That said, also read “Challenges and rewards of leadership” by Courtney Weber

On creating nature shrines. See also “Portable shrines: You can take it with you” by Laura Perry.

As you know, the fae are not all sparkles and light, and neither are practitioners of the Faery Tradition. For more, see also Susan Starr’s review of Betwixt and Between: Exploring the Faery Tradition of Witchcraft.

On celebrating new holidays, or as the spirit(s) move you.

A rite for the Pagan dinner table. To invite those who may not otherwise be present, see also “Dumb Supper: Tradition and innovation” by MagicalMusingsWitchyWriter.

Advise on how to explain your new spirituality to your religiously conservative family. See also “Exiting the broom closet: Sharing your magick with friends and family” by Donyae Coles.

Reviews linkage

Light Magic for Dark Times reviewed.

A review of Letters from Father Christmas.

Tarot Correspondences reviewed.

A review of Wheels Within Wheels.

Archangels of Magick reviewed.

A review of Welsh Witches.

The Troll Inside You reviewed.

A review of The Last Utopians: Four Late 19th Century Visionaries and Their Legacy.

Bonus linkage

Support Indigenous people rather than appropriate their culture: a how-to guide. See also “Not your spirit animal: Cultural appropriation, misinformation, and the Internet” by Donyae Coles.


  1. Hi Guys,
    So where is the article?
    I have clicked on 2 links so far that have lead me to yet another maze of links.
    Consider one link to the story and a host on links at the bottom of the article, the way most clickbait sites do it LOL!
    My initial impression here is that your ‘newsletter’ is a bit convuluted, and trying to hit too many points at once. Just an observation.
    I will continue my search for the article millenials and witchcraft.
    Have a great day!

    • Hi Sharon,

      All you have to do is click on the blue text to be directed to the articles. If you don’t see the page rendered this way, perhaps it’s a problem with your browser? Could you please let me know which browser you’re using, and perhaps we can trouble shoot it?


      Editor, Spiral Nature Magazine


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