Spiral Nature Linkage for Friday, 9 February 2018Magick linkage

Stories about magical powers can suggest how they might occur, but they don’t necessarily tell you what will or ought to happen.

Benebell Wen on creating spell oils. Also check out Anie Savino’s article, “Four Thieves: From medicine to magick.”

Spirituality linkage

The BBC is going to increase its religious programming. Will this mean all religions? Will we see things about Paganism, Thelema, or Satanism? That could be cool.

Is your table conscious? I think I’d like to take a look at their research methods before I draw any firm conclusions from this article though.

What a Druid priest can and cannot do for you. Also see Courtney Weber’s article, “Challenges and rewards of leadership.”

On animism and tree rights.

Occulture linkage

Yvonne Aburrow has created a petition to create a code of conduct for Pagan events and organizations, and the time is long since passed. For an interview conducted by Sable Aradia, see “A chat with Yvonne Aburrow about diversity.”

On the mythological origins of the Olympic Games.

A memorial to the victims of Essex witch trials in Essex, England is being crowdfunded. Though if stories about the burning times aren’t your bag, we totally understand.

Reviews linkage

Magical Folk reviewed.

A review of The Dawn of Christianity. People and Gods in a Time of Magic and Miracles.

Betwixt & Between reviewed. Also check out Susan Starr’s review of Betwixt and Between.

A review of The Anatomy of Myth: The Art of Interpretation from the Presocratics to the Church Fathers.

Calls for submission

The Religion and Theology Colloquium  has put out a call for papers on the topic “Towards a Different Reformation.” Deadline: 6 April 2018.

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Bonus linkage

Even if they’re historically accurate and had a different connotation at the time, maybe incorporating swastikas on your reenactment outfits is something you should rethink in light of how the symbol has been used since, yeah? As Donyae Coles writes in “Reclamation after cultural appropriation,” reclaiming symbols that have become associated with such negativity isn’t easy, if it’s even possible.