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Kalagni on setting up a magical garden.

Glamour as a requirement for survival.

There are times when you can’t do self-care. For when you can, see Donyae Coles’ “Three magical self-care rituals: Uplift, energize, and protect.”

Want people-free tarot decks? Here are ten suggestions for decks you could try.

Also, here are some suggestions to make the cards your own.

How one magician ended forced possession in their mediumship group.

An introduction to the Picatrix.

Nick Farrell’s notes on the prayer of the Hierophant and Mystic Repast.


On the Morrigan.

Making a shrine for the spirits of the land.

It’s important to be safe when lighting candles at sacred sites.

What do the decorative elements in Greek shrines mean?

How to get started in Wicca as a Black witch. For a few more suggestions, also check out Donyae Coles’ article, “Black witch resources: Getting started.”

On making a spring tonic for the spirit.

How to make your own Satanic altar.

Here at Spiral Nature we’re not sure that contemporary Paganism is dying, but some people are more convinced, and think it’s a good thing.

On Druid magick in Sweden.

Looking for ways to celebrate Beltane? Here are eight suggestions. Also check out Susan Starr’s “Beltane: Dancing with the faery folk,” “Beltane: Creating altars to celebrate the blossoming earth.” and Syndee Barwick’s review of Beltane.


The Good Witch and real world witches.

An interview with Alkistis Dimech of Sabbatic Dance.

Check out Osvaldo Menegazzi’s divination creations.

An account of Belostra Pagan Festival at Stanley Halls.

So, dragons are awesome.

What’s the deal with the Masonic baggage in the Golden Dawn?

The historical significance of fortune-telling is fascinating.

This Discordian patch is super cute.

Austin Osman Spare: An Exhibition sounds amazing. Anyone reading this planning to attend?

Likewise, A Woman’s Century; the Art, Life & Wisdom of Florence Farr sounds like an interesting conference happening today. Was anyone able to make it?


Mystical France: Secrets, Mysteries, Sacred Sites reviewed.

A review of The Secret Life of Lady Liberty: Goddess in the New World.

Strange Labyrinth reviewed.

A review of the Triple Goddess Tarot.

Black Horizons Perspectives reviewed.

A review of the Tarot of the Crone.

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Witch emojis are here for your magical texting needs. Amazing.