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Using tarot in ritual.

She Does the City lists Spiral Nature’s Hidden Insights among the six best weekly horoscopes on the Internet, and we’re well chuffed to be in such great company.

Camelia Elias on the three parts of a cartomantic reading.

Rather than blindly trusting spirits, here’s advice on how to train them, and yourself.

What do anarchism and kabbalah have in common?

Some thoughts on the power of names. See also  Jeffry R. Palmer’s article, “The mystical nature of names.”

Ideas for how to work with the angels overseeing your zodiacal sign.

Does magick have levels?


On animism in an urban setting. Also check out Samantha Bell’s article, “5 ways to connect with nature as an urban Pagan.”

Thoughts on the development of Earthseed into a religion, and its founder, Octavia Butler.

Meditating within one’s soundscape. For an alternate experience, check out J Simpson’s article on his experiences with “Binaural beats meditation.”

On contemporary Druidry and simplicity.

Nick Farrell thinks that magicians must have a religion. Some more thoughts on the distinction and overlaps between religious and magical practices. Are magical approaches to religion broken? These conversations crop up from time to time, and they’re always kind of silly. A few years ago Donald Tyson wrote an article on why atheism was a terrible thing, and Psyche responded with an article on why ignorance was the real enemy. Who knows, maybe Psyche will write another more up to date think piece on this.

Thoughts on working with one’s recent ancestors. Also check out Kalagni’s amazing course, Ancestor Work Fundamentals.

On the importance of having a centred view of one’s self.

Pilgrimages can take various forms; check out Nimue Brown’s advice on taking time to explore your local flora. For more extensive trips, see Jarred Triskelion’s article, “How to plan a pilgrimage.”

There are celebrations about contemporary Paganism’s 50th birthday, but it’s older than that. So what’s going on with this?

If you’re confused about that, maybe checkout these eight ways Pagans can celebrate Earth Day, instead.


Thoughts on the distinctions between the right-hand and left-hand paths as presented in magical and spiritual circles. That said, you should join our editor-in-chief at Flambeau Noir, the international left-hand conference taking place in Ottawa at the end of April 2017.

Are we all trees?

Reflections on another event, Paganicon.

Straight Pagan dudes, please stop harassing women. Especially women you don’t know.

Lupa sends out a call to action for the protection of the Environmental Protection Agency, and it’s something I think we can all get behind, no?


The Knowing reviewed.

A review of Botanical Inspirations.

When a Pagan Prays reviewed.

A review of Nature Mystics. See also Marjorie Jensen’s review.

The Satanic Warlock reviewed.

Calls for submission

Call for papers for Seeking the Marvellous: Ithell Colquhoun, British Women and Surrealism taking place 22nd and 23rd March 2018 in Plymouth, England. Deadline: 31 May 2017.