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Nimue Brown on ritual without authority.

Tips to increase the potency of your magick.

An activist’s deipnon.

How to make astrology a part of your everyday life. May we also recommend checking out Liz Worth’s excellent weekly column, Hidden Insights?

Divination practices for Imbolc. See also Donyae Coles’ article, “Divination for the dead of winter.”

How do you view omens?

Some thoughts on the history of ideas regarding magick.

On magick and pop culture. See also Emily Carlin’s article, “Pop culture magick: Intro and prosperity spell.”

Ian C on magick for the resistance. See also Jade Pichette’s article, “Canadian Pagans taking a stand against bigotry and intolerance.”

Emily Carlin on how to hex.


Exploring Ploutos, money, and dirt.

Integrating ancestor work into spiritual practice. Also check out Kalagni’s brilliant course, Ancestor Work Fundamentals.

Five things you won’t believe are in Liber al vel Legis. Unless, you know, you’ve actually read the thing.

The importance of language in initiation.

Canadian Pagans and Heathens respond to the recent Quebec City mosque shooting.


Now under new management, John Halstead reports that Pathos Pagan is censoring its writers.

John R Thomson recently visited Aleister Crowley’s old residence, Boleskine House, and it’s in sad shape.

What does it mean when The Economist turns to the tarot for answers?

Nimue Brown on developing bardic skills, and how to remember songs.

What it means to be a witch in America under Trump’s presidency.

Chas Clifton remembers Sára Cunningham, and notes her passing.

Beware the Slenderman reviewed by Ian Cat Vincent.


A review of Pandemonium.

Traditional Witchcraft for the Seashore reviewed. Also see Mike Gleason’s review of Traditional Witchcraft for the Seashore.

A review of Tarot Made Easy.

Oxford Illustrated History of Witchcraft & Magic reviewed.

A review of Communing with the Ancestors. Also check out Daleth West’s review of Communing with the Ancestors.

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I love that this woman spent years praying to a figurine from Lord of the Rings.