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There are so many ways in which when we’re born affects who we become. In this article, we’re going into more than just the star sign to determine what your birth number means for your personality.

Firstly, to determine your birth number, you want to use the number of the date of your birth, so if you were born on the 7th your birth number is 7. If you were born on a double digit number then add both together, so if you were born on the 24th, your birth number is 6.

Astrological signs

Now, let’s look at the attributes of these birth numbers…


If you have the birth number 1, then you most likely hold yourself to high regard. These people are usually very confident and aren’t afraid to let other people know it. They can be a little harder to get along with, but there’s no one better in a crisis.


Usually people with this birth number like to be challenged, often they’ll have really high IQs to boot. They like to show off this mental agility too and often find new solutions to old problems.


If you fall into this category, then you are most likely quite bold in everything that you do. From business to your personal life, you’re most likely a person that knows what they want.


People born on this number tend to be quite fickle and volatile. They may be quite hard to get accustomed to, as their moods can change very quickly. They’re not overly sensitive and can lack empathy too.


Logical and organised, those with the birth number of 5 are always level headed. The luckiest day of the week for these people is a Wednesday, so make sure you plan out your week accordingly. You can check your luckiest time in this app.


Lovers of art, jewellery and basically anything expensive, those with this birth number are all about the finer things in life. They can be a bit materialistic, which clouds their vision at times, but they can also have a brilliant outlook on the world.


Generally in tune with their spirituality, those born under this birth number understand what’s really important in life. They can be quite lucky throughout the week, but this can be unpredictable at times.


If you feel like you never settle down and live with constant changes, then you may be one of these people. The constant state of change can shape stronger people.


These are the hardest group to predict, as usually they’re quite unique. If you feel like you don’t fit in anywhere then don’t worry, it’s common in this group.

Which number are you? Do you feel like it’s an accurate analysis?