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Let’s face it, sometimes our needs will compel us to talk with a psychic or a fortune teller. The problem arises when you need to pick a reader who actually knows their work, and can provide you with accurate fortune teller readings.

For those looking for answers in the hidden realms, the quest to sort out the good from the bad can be truly challenging. This post will help you to better tell if a psychic you’re considering is accurate or not.

How to Tell If a Fortune Teller is 100% Legit?


When it comes to fortune tellers, the only thing that comes into our mind is the connection with the other world. Materialism is certainly the biggest barrier that prevents us from gaining admittance to the realm of higher thinking. If the reader claiming to be a fortune teller is littered with expensive jewellery and accessories (and that too from extravagant brands), then they’re possibly a scam. Similarly, if the person prefers to live in a high-end penthouse instead of a cabin, they’re possibly have much less of a connection with nature.


A real fortune teller should not be too communicative or chatty. Whether they’re reading cards or looking over a crystal, your gestures and to-the-point answers should be enough to interpret the results. Psychics who continuously ask questions and try to know more about your personal affairs just to reassure their reading should be avoided at any cost.

Accurate and Precise

Accuracy and psychic reading go hand in hand. If your chosen reader is constantly misguided and erroneous, it is a clear indication that they’re not worthy of your time and money. Keep in mind, the psychic should be able to deliver the most precise and error-free information and that too with as little information as possible from your side.

In addition to that, the reader should be precise enough to give explicit answers. It is obviously convenient to be fuzzy and give generic responses that more or less can be applicable to the masses. Responses that are both specific and vague are generally indications that the medium is not a professional. Also, it is unavoidable for the teller to be able to provide precise description. Avoid those who speak in riddles.

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A genuine psychic is the one who do not change Their statements to match up with the situation. Many scammers try to prove you that what they desired to say was different. Also, frauds may also try to convince their clients that the void is secretive and mistakes are part of the process. Remember, the fortune teller should not try to double back or distort their predictions.


The fortune teller should be convincing enough to win your attention. If they get confused during any step, then it’s clear that they’re not a psychic. Make sure to gauge the confidence level in every statement of the reader you’re working with. In certain cases, the scammers may claim that negative energies are blocking their way and causing them to lose their connection.

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Fortune tellers who’re confident in their prophecies will generally provide you with an audio tape of their work. This will enable you to observe their statements and assess their preciseness. If you have suspicions that the person is deceitful, then go back and ask them about their predictions. If they’re answer without hesitant in providing you with information, then they’re more likely to be factual in their forecasts.


Make sure to exchange views on certain gods and goddesses. A professional reader should possess a reasonable knowledge about spiritual realms. Similarly, readers who use crystals and stones for their fortune telling should also have an insightful understanding about the use and effects of different minerals.


A real fortune teller should have a sound reputation. Some readers only pick a few clients that have been directed to them. This is one of the signs that the reader is reliable and trustworthy. Others will have a list of negative testimonials and the only thing they care about is their fee. Try to speak with other individuals, preferably someone from your friends or family, to get feedback about a psychic they have personally visited.

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Envisioning capabilities is a quality of readers who have a strong connection with the spiritual world. These people generally have awe-inspiring work spaces, and they often are very different from other commercial readers. Be careful of self-proclaimed psychics who surround themselves with expensive store-bought decorations.

Polite and Hospitable

A genuine psychic is usually humble and hospitable and should be thankful to have been able to help you out. They should not try to ask for further appointment just to get more money from you, instead they should be grateful and offer a small gift as a token to remind you of their service.