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After the awesomeness of Canzine, and the Magick and the Occult in the Independent Arts panel Jenna and Nico participated in, we kind of had to.

It’s the #canzineto panel on Witchcraft and occult practices in the indie arts! On til 2:50 pm at @agotoronto

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It’s absurd how much fun it was, this pic notwithstanding. Thanks so much for inviting us, Broken Pencil! For an idea of what I talked about, here’s a small selection of the journals and ‘zines I talked about.

A small selection of chaos magick periodicals. A photo posted by Spiral Nature (@spiralnature) on

Wasn’t able to snag a copy of the program. If someone has a spare, I’d love a copy!

This is about to start. #canzine2015 #witch

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There were so many amazing booths, we didn’t have time to visit and shop at all of them, but I had to grab a pic of this at the booth for Watch Your Back:

  An awesome satanic altar at one of the booths. More info on this to follow on the site. Keep an eye out.   A photo posted by Spiral Nature (@spiralnature) on

Just a tease. We met a lot of really cool people who would we’d love to feature on the site: artists, zinesters, kooky fun tarot, as well as new writers we connected with. Follow us on Instagram and keep an eye on Spiral Nature for more to come. I’m pretty excited.