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Winter road, photo by Pavel P.

Divination for the dead of winter

Even if you don’t practice divination, here are a few easy ways to get some insight about the months ahead. What's a witch to do in the dead of winter?
Gift, photo by Lorenzo

Holiday gift ideas for 2016 from Spiral Nature contributors

Our writers are smart, hardworking and attractive people, and many have other businesses. We’ve compiled a list of holiday gift ideas. We hope you like it.
Susan Starr and Doris Diamond

Susan Starr, Doris Diamond, and oracle creation

I sat down to chat with Doris Diamond and Susan Starr about how the processes for creating Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards.
Detail from Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards

Gaia’s Vision Oracle Cards

Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards depict photographs of different scenes in nature and will likely prompt a nature-lover's intuition.
Gift, photo by Erika G

7 gift ideas from Spiral Nature contributors

As you know, writers are smart, hardworking and attractive people, but many of them have other businesses other than writing for Spiral Nature. So we've provided a list of gift suggestions from their other endeavours.
Book and pumpkin, photo by Torange

Books to read for Hallowe’en

I thought we'd offer some of the best books we've covered at Spiral Nature over the past few years that would be great reads for this Hallowe'en.

Weekly Horoscope

Occultnik Cabal



Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot