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The Way of the Lover, by Ross Heaven

I recommend The Way of the Lover for those who are struggling in darkness because, as Rumi suggests, “the remedy for your wound is the wound itself.”

Deconstructing Gurdjieff, by Tobias Churton

I enjoyed Deconstructing Gurdjieff most when the author, Tobias Churton, speculated about events and circumstances surrounding Gurdjieff's life.
Rumi Oracle

Rumi Oracle

The Rumi Oracle deck is about communing with one's heart and exploring the myriad aspects of love with guidance from Rumi.
The Secrets of Tantric Buddhism, by Thomas Cleary

The Secrets of Tantric Buddhism, by Thomas Cleary

Going through and meditating on The Secrets of Tantric Buddhism will be useful for those with a solid foundation in Buddhism.
Dusk at the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque in Brunei on the eve of Ramadan, photo by tylerdurden1

Initiation and Islamic gnosis

Islamic gnosis is one of the paths of worship, a path based on knowledge combined with love, rather than fear.

Review: T.A.Z., by Hakim Bey

T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone, by Hakim Bey Autonomedia, 0936756764, anti-copyright 1985, 1991 Have a couple of dictionaries standing by, or be sure to have...

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot