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Detial from Liber Null, by Peter Carroll

Top 5 chaos magick books

It continues to surprise me how often I am asked for recommendations of chaos magick books.

Chaos magick: Doing what works and more

Chaos magick is results-oriented; it requires an honest appraisal of one's work and the effects achieved -- especially when results are not evident.
Gears, by martinak15

Interview with Fenwick Kaidevis Rysen

An interview with Fenwick Kaidevis Rysen, chatting about altered states of consciousness, enlightenment, and his theories on integral magick.
Video game controller, image by dgoomany

How to charge a sigil playing video games

The ideal state to be in to charge a sigil is one where the mind is blank, vacuous, and thus open to the influences of the sigil.

Creating Magickal Entities, by David Michael Cunningham

Creating Magickal Entities: A Complete Guide to Entity Creation, by David Michael Cunningham, with contributions by Taylor Ellwood & Amanda R. Wagener Egregore Publishing, 1932517448,...

Servitor Management

From: Xi O'Teaz To: zee-list >>Sentient entities as a general rule will strike out >>if you try and put them "under control". Much the >>same you or i...

Acoustic Sigils

Music and !0Magic!1 I've stumbled on what seems to be an excellent system for creating ACOUSTIC sigils to go along with a respelling of intent....

Creating a Shoggoth

Re: Net Shoggoths? PARKER RYAN (parkermhd1moorheadmsusedu) Tue, 11 Oct 1994 10:03:48 -0500 (CDT) This is a short essay on a rite I developed. It seems quite effective....
Detial from Liber Null, by Peter Carroll

Practical applications of the chaosphere

The chaosphere is the prime working tool of chaos magicians and the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT).

Chaos Graffiti

Two of my main interests in life are graffiti, and the practice of ceremonial magick. It wasn’t long after I started stumbling my way...


APIKORSUS An essay on the diverse practices of CHAOS MAGICK from the Lincoln Order Of Neuromancers L.O.O.N. compiled by SKaRaB, SNaKe, Sister Apple & Bro. Moebius B This is a chain...
Sigil, photo from Aaron Muszalski

Smuggling sigils across: Sigil magick for the professional magician

I will assume that you are already initiated into the secrets of Austin Osman Spare's sigil magick. Consulting with my clients as a professional magician, I am always confronted with the same question: is the client's will identical with my own?

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Occultnik Cabal



Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot