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Goth legs, by Bryan Ledgard

The Columbine Effect, by Beth Winegarner

Sheds light on perceived as darkness and points out the most dangerous part of any occult practice is the lack of knowledge that causes fear of the unknown.
Demon, photo by Orin Zebest

Of course Thelema is satanic

Let’s get something straight. Thelema is most certainly satanic, but is in no way, whatsoever, Satanism.
Magnifying glass, photo by theilr

Occult profiling: Where it comes from and why it’s worth fighting

For the past couple of years, I've had a Google Alert set for the word “Satanic.” I created it because I wanted to study how...

Is it Hailing or Not (Are We Satanists?)

This slight annoyance of being regularly asked by ‘fluffy Pagans’ if we are Satanists probably goes with the territory of being chaos magicians -...
The Light of Sex, by Maria de Naglowska

The Light of Sex, by Maria de Naglowska

The Light of Sex is a fascinating historical record of the philosophies and rites of the Golden Arrow.

Where Do Demons Live?, by Frater U.’. D.’.

Where Do Demons Live?: Everything You Want to Know About Magic, by Frater U.'. D.'. Llewellyn Worldwide, 9780738714790, 187 pp., 2010 In Where Do Demons...
Anton LaVey, still from Satanis

A note on LaVeyan Satanism

In modern and LaVeyan Satanism does not involve devil-worship, rather, practitioners are atheistic, holding the self in the highest position of reverence.

The Satanic Scriptures, by Peter H. Gilmore

The Satanic Scriptures, by Peter H. Gilmore Scapegoat Publishing, 0976403595, 302 pp., 2007 To the Satanist, Satan is not a conscious entity to be worshipped, rather...
The Infernal Texts, by Stephen Sennitt

The Infernal Texts, edited by Stephen Sennitt

Infernal Texts: Nox and Liber Koth provide an enchanting snapshot of chaos magick's darker influences in the 1980s, the edge of which seems dulled in subsequent generations. It's an intriguing book.

Black Flame Tarot, by Jennifer Chen

The Black Flame Tarot derives its name from the Satanic movement of the 1960s, the "Black Flame" denoting the "divine gift man gained from a rebellious cosmic figure."

Review: Cthuloid Dreams, by DJ Lawrence

Cthuloid Dreams: A Collection of Occult Poetry, by DJ Lawrence Chaosmagic.com, 115 pp., 2004 Inspired and influenced by the Discordianism, Lovecraft mythos and Setianism, DJ...
Pacts with the Devil, S. Jason Black and Christopher S. Hyatt

Pacts With The Devil, by S. Jason Black & Christopher S....

The authors open with a bit of demonic theory and brief overview of Satanic and demonic pacts throughout history.

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