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Magical Power For Beginners- How to Raise & Send Energy for Spells That Work by Deborah Lipp

Magical Power for Beginners, by Deborah Lipp 

Newcomers will love Magical Power For Beginners, and experienced magicians are likely to find something here also -- it’s just a concise and commonsense guide to magick.
Broom by Rudolf Vlček (flickr)

Secret witch: Magick when you’re stuck in the broom closet

Are you a secret witch? Not everyone can be open with their spiritual practice.. Here are some tips and tricks for covert magick.
A Mystic Guide to Cleansing and Clearing by David Salisbury

A Mystic Guide to Cleansing and Clearing by David Salisbury

A Mystic Guide to Cleansing and Clearing by David Salisbury outlines a plethora of ways to cleanse which can be worked into a variety of practices.
Oculus at the Pantheon, photo by Mark McQuitty

How to make sacred spaces into safe spaces

Sacred space presents itself differently. However, when we ignore intersectionality, we create sacred places that are only safe for some people.
Ostara Altar by Siannan13

What is an Altar?, by Rowan Moss

Although geared for children, What is an Altar? is a very comprehensive book that fully breaks down the basics of why and how people build altars.
Glass candle holder, photo by ryan melaugh

Taking Sacred Back, by Nels and Judy Linde

Nels and Judy Linde have over forty years of experience creating public rituals, they cover a lot of ground and offer great tips in Taking Sacred Back.
Color Your Tarot, by Barbara Moore

Color Your Tarot, by Barbara Moore

Colouring is emerging as a favorite pastime and method for meditation, and Color Your Tarot provides you with a customized deck and a contemplative tool.
Bathtub, photo by Central Hotel

Book of Sacred Baths, by Paulette Kouffman Sherman

The Book of Sacred Baths ritualizes the luxury of bathing, bringing in elements of candle magick and spellcraft, meditations and spirit guides.

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