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The Witch, by Ronald Hutton

All in all, The Witch isn’t a book for those with only a passing interest in the cackling hags of popular culture. Instead, it’s a meticulously researched, erudite attempt at gaining a real understanding of the beliefs surrounding witchcraft, the various ways in which they developed around the world, and how they gave rise to the European witch trials. Refreshingly, the tone throughout is one of a genuine, immersive curiosity about the subject, rather than the implicit world-weary cynicism which so de-vitalizes some other scholarly surveys on the subject
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Enchanted resistance: A history of political magick

Political magick has been used as a form of protest for centuries. Read about these historical moments to see how we can use these lessons today.
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Linkage: Death, pop culture, and literary monsters

Thanks to technology, are we all wizards now?
The History of British Magick After Crowley, by Dave Evans

The History of British Magick After Crowley, by Dave Evans

With The History of British Magick After Crowley Dave Evans has produced a useful source book for students of both magick and history.

The Triumph of the Moon, by Ronald Hutton

The Triumph of the Moon is one that is going to have a prominent place on my bookshelf, amid those that I truly value.
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The earth is a witch: Ecofeminism, deep ecology, and the Pagan...

Recent decades have been a time of great change on this Earth, our home; much of it, sadly, change for the worse.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot