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Fall tree, photo by Mark K

Four fall cleansing rituals for mind, body, and spirit

Spring cleaning is a common practice both physically and spiritually but fall cleaning should be just as important. Before heading into the winter months, a time for meditation and rest, it’s important to cleanse ourselves of negative energy.
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Satanism in music and devotional practice

All religions have had their own style of music for devotional experience. In Satanism, music not bound by rules or tradition. Emotion guides its selection.
Midsummer, by Deborah Blake

Midsummer, by Deborah Blake

Midsummer: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for Litha is the third book in Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials series. As with the other fun, basic guides in the series, this book is an accessible, easy-to-read reference.
Linkage, chain background image by Faramarz Hashemi

Linkage: Hugs, Babalon, and weird cemeteries

Magick Feeling down? How 'bout a big hug? In the tarot, the Death card means many things to many people. Barbara Moore has noticed a shift...
Luck, by JD Hancock

Writing good luck spells

When the chips are down we all need a little bit of luck. An incantation is a deceptively simple spell designed to come into effect when read aloud.

Gnostic Healing, by Tau Malachi and Siobhan Houston

Gnostic Healing: Revealing the Hidden Power of God, by Tau Malachi and Siobhan Houston. Llewellyn, 9780738719832, 178 pp. (incl. appendices), 2010 Most of us are familiar...
Dancing with Spirits, by Denny Sargent

Dancing with Spirits, by Denny Sargent

Dancing with Spirits: The Festivals and Folklore of Japan, by Denny Sargent Megalithica Press, 9781905713523, 120 pp., 2010 The religions of Japan are among the least...

Planetary Spells & Rituals, by Raven Digitalis

Planetary Spells & Rituals: Practicing Dark & Light Magick Aligned with the Cosmic Bodies, by Raven Digitalis. Llewellyn Worldwide, 9780738719719, 317 pp. (incl. appendices),...

Neopagan Rites, by Isaac Bonewits

Neopagan Rites: A Guide to Creating Public Rituals that Workby Isaac Bonewits Llewellyn Worldwide, 0738711993, 264 pp. 2007 One of the things I have always admired...
Bread - CeresB

Salutation to the Heroes: November 11th or 12th

The Feast of the Einheriar or the Festival of the Einherjar is also known by other names including the Festival of Odhinn, the Feast...

The Weiser Concise Guide to Aleister Crowley, by Richard Kaczynski

The Weiser Concise Guide to Aleister Crowley, by Richard Kaczynski, edited and introduced by James Wasserman Weiser Books, 978157634569, 126 pp. (incl. appendices), 2009 Richard...
Magic When You Need It, by Judika Illes

Magic When You Need It, by Judika Illes

As an admitted non-fan of spell books, I did find Magic When You Need It to be an interesting to read.

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Tattoo Tarot