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Pumpkin patch, photo by Dan Bergstrom

Hallowe’en: From community celebration to sabbath of evil

As the days get shorter, the nights longer, and the temperature drops, most of us begin to look forward to Hallowe'en or Samhain, one...
WomynSpirit Festival, photo courtesy of WomynSpirit Festival

Creativity, community, and self-care at WomynSpirit Festival 2015

WomynSpirit Festival is intimate and relaxed, and is perfect for anyone looking for an introduction to paganism and Wicca from a feminist perspective.
Toronto Pagan Harvest Festival 2015, photo by Jenna Danchuk

Toronto Pagan Harvest Festival 2015

The Toronto Pagan Harvest Festival reminded me just how important these gatherings are for the Pagan community.
Selena Fox, photo by T Hunter

Albuquerque: Magical Mountain Mabon

The Magical Mountain Mabon Festival, this year featuring Selena Fox as its headliner, focuses on community and service.
Bridging the Gap, by Crystal Blanton

Bridging the Gap, by Crystal Blanton

If you ever want to be a member of a temple, grove, coven, etc., you will benefit from taking the time to read and absorb the contents of Bridging the Gap.
Birds, photo by Gustavo Gomes

Pagan community

There is a certain amount of interconnectedness online, especially within specific communities, but what about offline, meeting people in the flesh?
Ecology, photo by travel oriented

The earth is a witch: Ecofeminism, deep ecology, and the Pagan...

Recent decades have been a time of great change on this Earth, our home; much of it, sadly, change for the worse.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot