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Ginger root, photo by Marco Verch

Success drawing wash: How to make, consecrate, and use it

Washes are a fantastic way to utilize witchcraft in your everyday life, and this success drawing wash can help you achieve your goals.
Bring spring into your home this Ostara at Spiral Nature

Bring spring into your home this Ostara

By refreshing your home for Ostara, and starting new life, you are balancing the energies from the last dregs of winter with that of spring.

Everyday hoodoo: Washes, mojo bags, and simple charms

Hoodoo is a type of folk magick. By encorporating it into your everyday life, you can benefit from this powerful practice in many ways.
Washing basin, photo by Flood G.

A spell of awe and protection: The Washing Verse

The Washing Verse is a versatile spell from the Icelandic grimoire tradition. The main intention behind it is protection. The act of washing is used to remove all the negative projections that people cast on you. It therefore adopts a quality of purification.
Lotus, photo by Carlos Alberto Silva

The Intuitive Dance, by Atherton Drenth

The Intuitive Dance is a go-to guide for learning unique energy management techniques to facilitate healing and develop intuition.
Let's Create Magic by TheEye4Art

Magick for gadgets: Using magick with technology

We rely on our technology but we don't think of it as magickal. Here are some tips and tricks to combine magick and technology.
A Mystic Guide to Cleansing and Clearing by David Salisbury

A Mystic Guide to Cleansing and Clearing by David Salisbury

A Mystic Guide to Cleansing and Clearing by David Salisbury outlines a plethora of ways to cleanse which can be worked into a variety of practices.
Splash of water, photo by Carl Revell

Magical cleansing basics: How to get started

Ritual cleansing is a basic and important part of any magical practice. Using the four elements plus the sun and moon is a powerful start.
Bathtub, photo by Central Hotel

Book of Sacred Baths, by Paulette Kouffman Sherman

The Book of Sacred Baths ritualizes the luxury of bathing, bringing in elements of candle magick and spellcraft, meditations and spirit guides.
Fall tree, photo by Mark K

Four fall cleansing rituals for mind, body, and spirit

Spring cleaning is a common practice both physically and spiritually but fall cleaning should be just as important. Before heading into the winter months, a time for meditation and rest, it’s important to cleanse ourselves of negative energy.
Lemons, photo by Trevor Leyenhorst

Spring has sprung: are you cleansing?

There are several types of cleansing, each suited to different lifestyles and different bodies’ needs.
Smudge, photo by latisha (herbmother)

Smudging: How to do it, and how not to do it

Smudging is a way of using the smoke from burning herbs as a way to cleanse the body, an object, or a given area of negative influences.

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