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Spellbound: Magic, Ritual and Witchcraft at the Ashmolean Museum at Spiral Nature

Spellbound: Magic, Ritual and Witchcraft at the Ashmolean Museum

Spellbound is thought-provoking, engaging, and succeeds in its aims as a concise and well-presented overview of magic, ritual and witchcraft.
Tibetan Shamanism by Larry Peters, reviewed at Spiral Nature

Tibetan Shamanism, by Larry Peters

Tibetan Shamanism is an anthropologist’s work based on decades of study and first-hand experience living with shamans.

The Witch, by Ronald Hutton

All in all, The Witch isn’t a book for those with only a passing interest in the cackling hags of popular culture. Instead, it’s a meticulously researched, erudite attempt at gaining a real understanding of the beliefs surrounding witchcraft, the various ways in which they developed around the world, and how they gave rise to the European witch trials. Refreshingly, the tone throughout is one of a genuine, immersive curiosity about the subject, rather than the implicit world-weary cynicism which so de-vitalizes some other scholarly surveys on the subject

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot