Spiral Nature Linkage for Friday, 16 February 2018Magick linkage

Tarot has taken its lumps, but it will endure.

Thoughts on tarot’s court cards.

On long-term meditation practice. Also check out Donyae Coles’ recent review round up, “What is mindfulness, anyway? Reviews of five new books.”

Mary K. Greer offers a Jungian approach to the Ace of Cups in tarot. Also, her thoughts on what might have happened to the 15th century Visconti Devil cards.

The dark side of the zodiac. On that theme, check out Lexie’s reviwe of Blame Your Planet.

Spirituality linkage

Spirituality and sacred prohibitions.

John Beckett isn’t into sexy Morrigan imagery, and that makes sense to us. Check out this article from Bridget Engels, “The Morrigan: A dark moon meditation.” If you’re a Spiral Nature Member, check out this too “The Morrigan’s magick: Preparing ritual work with the goddess.

Ok, so we don’t know if the Druids practiced meditation or not, but that’s ok, because the practice is still useful.

Folklore and the King of the Cats.

How do you know if what you’re feeling is coming from your soul?

Kingsley L. Dennis chats with Hekate.

Spiritual and physical journeys with tarot. Also check out Jarred Triskelion’s article, “How to plan a pilgrimage.”

Further evidence that plants may be sentient.

A numerical approach to naturalism.

Inclusive Heathenry is a way to combat hate. See also Jade Pichette’s article, “Canadian Pagans taking a stand against bigotry and intolerance.”

Personal gnosis ought not be one’s only source of spiritual confirmation.

Occulture linkage

Omitonade Ifawemimo, a 20-something Orisha priestess, is profiled in Ozy.

Chas Clifton writes eulogies for Dale Pendell and Michael Harner.

Meanwhile, John Higgs eulogizes Steve Moore.

Gender is complicated. And that’s ok. See Xenia’s article, “Honouring queer and non-binary forms of nature,” for more.

Who are your favourite pop culture witches? Here are Yewtree’s top 10. While you’re at it, check out Jenna Dancuk’s list of “Iconic occult documentaries of the ’70s.”

So, the Manchester Art Gallery took down work by Waterhouse and asked public to post reactions, which just seems kind of… desperate and sad?

Reviews linkage

Fairies reviewed.

A review of Wicca, Plain and Simple.

Gardens and Gardeners of the Ancient World: History, Myth and Archaeology reviewed.

A review of Modern Tarot.

Classical Myth and Film in the New Millennium reviewed.

Bonus linkage

An FAQ for your new cursed Instant Pot. (Am I the only person left in North America who doesn’t have one of these things?)