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Transform your shame into something more productive.

Doing magick just for fun is, well, fun.

Is there a difference between the paranormal and the supernatural?

Finding time for witchcraft is as easy as you let it be.

A tarot spread for working through terror. Seems seasonally appropriate.

Divining timing with tarot.

On canine teeth in bone divination.

Coming out of the broom closet, or “woo closet,” as someone who practices magick can be challenging… and liberating.


There are some things you may not know about St Cyprian.

On kabbalah and spiritual growth.

Some thoughts on unverified personal gnosis.

The Morrigan has nothing to do with Samhain, and that’s ok.

On the nature of Zeus.

Photographs of costumes from Japan’s spiritual festivals.


‘Tis the season for the masses to revel in the delights of Hallowe’en. Here’s an article about “spooky” Irish myths surrounding our favourite holiday from last year. And check out this one about haunted roads.

Get crafty and make a Japanese weather ghost charm.

On Wisewomen exterminated by the Christian Church.

You can stay in Dracula’s castle this Hallowe’en. #want

3D printing bringing Hellenistic art to life.

Josiah M Hesse argues that many horror films are actually Christian propaganda, and that argument is compelling.

London once had a railway line for the dead. No, really.

When you take the time to think about it, America’s take on the witch trials in Salem is really bizarre.

The work of nasty women is never complete.

On a related note, witches as agents of political change has its own history.


The Book of Kitchen Witchery reviewed. See also our review of A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Food.

A review of Witch World.

Calls for submission

A Beautiful Resistance is looking for submissions. Deadline: 1 November 2016.

Bonus linkage

Check out these beautiful cemeteries. Susan Starr recommends Green-Wood, “It’s very special, peaceful, beautiful and educational all at the same time.”

A comic about Hallow’een as gay Christmas that’s absolutely adorable. Also, a list of wonderfully gay Hallowe’en costumes.