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Some thoughts on the ethically dubious practice of controlling others through magical means.

Is “big magick” dangerous?

The importance of conducting an effective ritual.

Guarding and protecting your magical workings.

Phil Hine talks visualization.

Tarot cards to confront difficult feelings and let them go.

A Druidic take on meditation from Nimue Brown.

Tips for constructing a daily morning ritual. Also, these tips for building self-discipline may help.


Rethinking what Druids are “supposed” to do.

Sex in Wiccan spirituality.

On Thelemic eschatology.

Can nature religions work to enact revolutionary social change? Wayne Martin Mellinger thinks so.

Living the lifestyle of a Pagan “primitive.”

On Gardnerian Wicca and fraud.


Nimue Brown calls for accessible poetry.

Agreed, Roald Dahl tarot cards should totally be a thing.

Misconceptions about cultural appropriation debunked. For more, see our archive of articles on cultural appropriation as well.

Economic exclusion in Paganism.

Phil Hine traces the introduction of chakras into western magical theory via Theosophy.

Historia Discordia has unearthed an article from William F. Buckley’s National Review. It’s titled “Our People’s Underworld Movement” and was written by Harold Randomfactor (Tim Wheeler).

The ghosts of Kostel svatého Jiří, a 14th century church in Luková, Czech Republic.

Want to tour some of the places Aleister Crowley worked his mojo?

Michelle Belanger writes about writing and places to find sources of inspiration — including Spiral Nature! (Thanks!!)

Help preserve your local cemetery.

Nimue Brown on becoming a bard. Hey, if there are bards out there who want their music reviewed on Spiral Nature, please get in touch.


Pagan Consent Culture reviewed.

A review of For the Love of the Gods.

Fairycraft reviewed. See also L.D. Taylor’s review of Fairycraft.

A review of Curiocity: In Pursuit of London.

Shamanic Astrology reviewed.

A review of Secret Medicines from your Garden. See Kait Fowlie’s review here.

Calls for submission

The Denver Witch Quarterly is seeking editorials and non-fiction articles on Paganism, occultism, magick, witchcraft, and Wicca; fiction and poetry; humor and cartoons; artwork and photographs. Deadline: 22 December 2016.

Bonus linkage

Trees can communicate via a “woodwide web.” At least, according to German forester Peter Wohlleben.

Also, stars, planets, and moons sing.