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A pop culture magick how-to that references “Pop culture magick: Introduction and prosperity spell.”

On people who dare, and people who don’t.

Altars, altars, altars everywhere.

A group ritual for breaking harmful cycles.

On the signs of the zodiac.

Floating candle magick.

On lvx and nox.

A detailed outline of the Field Ritual.

On lucid dreaming.

Suggestions on how to get yourself out of a funk when things just aren’t working.


On beauty, humanity, and the divine.

Sacred Fools and why we need them.

The Lost Treasure of Eris has been found, and released as a free PDF.

On Hermes in Islam.

Want to know what it’s like to visit Iceland’s Pagan temple?

On Lugh.

Is armchair Paganism really a thing? Should we be concerned?

Gods of magick, language, and poetry.

On reconstructionism within Paganism.

Going beyond.

Jason Mankey on the challenges that come with being in and leading a coven.

No, meditation won’t make you morally perfect.

On spiritual drumming.

Can Catholicism and Thelema mix?

On Hekate.

For some, god is an answer, not a question. That everyone who reads that article is male is assumed, no questions asked. In 2016.

Are you using your spirituality as a way of avoiding reality?


Some thoughts on the origins and uses of the pentagram.

Occult strategies of resistance. Love it.

Obviously Iceland’s elves are real.

A solid introduction to the works of Dion Fortune, one of the most important magicians of the previous century.

An interview with Tomas Prower about La Santa Muerte. Also check out our review of La Santa Muerte.

More on Vikings in North America. An account from a dig at the newly discovered site.

Witch movie playset. Adorable.

Posters advertising stylish stage magicians from the 1900s.

Gavin and Yvonne Frost present a history of the controversy over The Witch’s Bible.

Adventure Time and magick. To Psyche, Peppermint Butler is the best. Or are you more of an Ice King type? Who’s your favourite animated occultnik?


Soul of the Earth reviewed.

Bonus linkage

Ayahuasca shamans are so over your spiritual tourism.