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On grounding yourself with the elements, Druid-style.

Artificial intelligence and magick.

Herb magick with enchanter’s nightshade.

On dream sorcery.

Why is astrology considered so important to learn?

Being of service as a tarot reader.

On the seelie and unseelie courts.

Nick Farrell on Golden Dawn initiations.

Interviewing a new tarot deck is a great way to get to know its cards and symbolism.

Setting up a daily magical practice. Also check out our article, “How do you build self-discipline?” for more tips.


Jason Mankey explains why everything is political.

Paganism is not a competition.

Chas S. Clifton on why Pagans aren’t at home in so-called “interfaith” groups.

Reasons why children should be included in public rituals.

Gender-specific rites are limiting for a lot of reasons.

On the politics of myth.

Phil Hine on Pagan activism in the UK.

Meanwhile: Pagan anarchism.

No, polytheists are not all the same.

On the dark spirits of Lammas.

Ancestor worship can be complicated. Ancestor Work Fundamentals can help.

A nine day rite centred on Loki.

On polytheism and art.

The virtue of strength as it relates to the Goddess.

Jason Mankey’s not really feelin’ Lammas. However, if you want to get inspired, may we recommend “Lughnasadh: The feast of grain and berries”  and”Lughnasadh crafts: Candle holder and herb incense“? Also, Syndee Barwick felt much as Mankey did about Lughnasadh, but after reading Lughnasadh, by Melanie Marquis, she’s found a new love for the festival. Maybe you will too?


An interview with David Beth, author of Voudon Gnosis.

Ronald Hutton interviewed about Paganism, and more.


Arc of the Goddess reviewed.

A review of Doctor Johannes Faust’s Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis.

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Bonus linkage

To confirm, Pokemon has absolutely nothing to do with the occult. Unless you want it to?