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Herbal magick with rosemary.

A clothing protection spell.

What is the purpose of ritual?

Jason Miller on local sorcery and Black Angus.

Cartomancy and prediction.

The ever brilliant Camelia Elias shows off the Rosenwald Marseille Tarot (ca. 1480) gives some historical context, and a reading with the cards.

On the magical and medicinal properties of nettle.

Always wanted to make your own divination deck? Here is a relatively simple way to do so.

Hacking the Middle Pillar.

Are there consequences to coming up with your own set of magical correspondences?


On Paganism in Poland.

A field report of Hellenic practice.

On spiritually odd things, and what they can mean.

Nimue Brown talks about the meaning of presence in Druidry.

On witches and their weapons.

The value of hierarchies in a religious context.

On polycentric polytheism.


On the attempt to find a biological basis for morality.

Lasara Firefox Allen was interviewed about her new book, Jailbreaking the Goddess.

Ve, a heathen place of worship, has been rebuilt in Ontario.

Ethan Doyle White offers a field report on recent Pagan and occult conferences in London.

An interview with Glyn Smyth, an occult artist.

To coincide with its recent reissue from Schiffer Publishing, the story of the Gaian Tarot is told through a three part series.

An interview with Heather Cooper about tarot and American law.

On goblin and faery markets.

Pagan festivals serve an important role in our community.


A timely review of Witches and Demons: A Comparative Perspective on Witchcraft and Satanism. This would have been an interesting read prior to Psyche‘s appearance on the panel at Dark Carnival last weekend.

Defiant Itineraries reviewed.

A review of The New British Druids.

The Gypsy Palace Tarot reviewed.

Some thoughts on Witches of America.

Zen for Druids reviewed.

Calls for submission

Walking the Worlds is looking for submissions for its fifth issue, which will centre on ecstatic practices. Deadline: 1 October 2016.

Bonus linkage

“What use to us is a God who only comforts the comfortable?” asks John Halstead.