Spiral Nature Linkage for 2 June 2017Magick

If you’re going to work with affirmations, at least make sure they’re focused.

On initiation and fire.

How to make Goetia of Solomon scrying incense.

Doing magick.

A pathworking with the tarot’s Queen of Pentacles.

Learning about malkuth.

How to make space for magick in your life.

On witch balls. Wait, maybe not the kind you’re thinking of…

There’s more than one way to read tarot reversals — in fact, here’s 13 of them. For another perspective, check out Jarred Triskelion’s article, “How to read inverted tarot cards.”


Satanic thoughts on covens. See also A Gardnerian’s article, “When a coven comes to its natural end.”

So, what’s the deal with spirituality, anyway?

On gnostic queerness.

What’s at stake if you take the gods as literal beings? On the flip side, what if your atheism is literal? (He keeps using that word…)

Some thoughts on building a strong Pagan community.

How your spirituality can shift with time and experience.


Was Aleister Crowley a witch?

Some thoughts from Chas S. Clifton on The Love Witch. See also Ashley Natfule’s interview with Anna Biller on the real witchcraft behind The Love Witch.

Illustrations from centuries of depictions of witches.

Thoughts on how the current political situation in the United States is eerily similar to the history of the Golden Dawn. Kind of.

Justice matters if we want our communities to thrive.

West African spiritual artifacts were recovered from Maryland, and they reveal insights into the enslaved people who used them in their religious practices.


A review of Horrorscopes.

The Faceless God reviewed.

A review of The Good Tarot.

In Their Own Words: The Major Arcana of the Tarot reviewed.

A review of The Global Myths.

Getting Higher reviewed.

A review of Esoteric Empathy.

The Tabula Mundi Tarot reviewed.

A review of LXXXI – The Quareia Magician’s Deck.

Calls for submission

Denver Witch Quarterly is looking for submissions. The coming issue will pay tribute to the late Alia Denny, and on esoteric leadership. Payment: Revenue share. Deadline: 24 June 2017.

Bonus linkage

Not everyone dresses for the male gaze. Some dress for the sea witch who cursed them.