Spiral Nature Linkage for Friday, 18 January 2019


An interview with Druid Emma Restall Orr about her new book, The Wakeful World.

Phil Hine continues his series on Theosophy and how it has shaped contemporary occulture.

Paganism is in the news, but it doesn’t mean what this Catholic dude thinks it means, and people have thoughts.

However, when people within the Pagan community are toxic, how do you deal with that?


On books of shadows and magical journals. See also “Why you should keep a magical journal” by Michael Reese.

Magicians do magick. It’s kind of our thing.

Not everyone is into this pop witchcraft revival. For more thoughts on the ethical dimensions of this, see “Ethics in witchcraft: Where do you fall?” by Emma Kathryn.

Is magick toxic? And if so, does it have to be?

To counter that, perhaps, here’s a rite that asks you to define your core values and affirm them with ritual — and to hold yourself accountable.

Create a first footing bag to keep luck for the year.

Ritual ideas for this weekend’s super blood moon eclipse.


On animism, tidying, and the inevitable fall of capitalism. (Ok, maybe that last one is me just being optimistic, but hey.)

How to pray to the gods in Hellenismos.

I like this simple rite from Yvonne Aburrow for leaving a coven. For more on this theme, see “When a coven comes to its natural end” by A Gardnerian.

Group rituals can be tricky, as can the decision whether or not to script them.


Ancient Egyptian Magic reviewed. Read Anie Savino’s review of the same book here.

A review of the Zillich Tarot.

The Hedge Druid’s Craft reviewed.

A review of Witchcraft Activism.

Calls for submission

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Michelle Belanger has put out an essay call for Vampires in Their Own Words II, a sequel to the earlier anthology. Payment: $0.05 per word. Proposal deadline: 15 February 2019.

We are especially interested in hiring queer and BIPOC editors, but all are welcome to apply. We look forward to working with you!

Bonus linkage

‘Oumuamua has scientists wondering if aliens have found us.