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Performing the Abramelin Operation doesn’t necessarily mean all other grimoires and systems are tossed out the window after achieving knowledge and conversation with your holy guardian angel.

The five best and five worst demons to get possessed by. (Or, if you’re more interested in traditional magical pursuits, see “Working with demons” for another approach.)

Benebell Wen shares her experience getting a tea leaf reading from Tabitha Dial — both are writers who’ve published with Spiral Nature, which is pretty nifty.

Artistic magick.

Things to consider when choosing a psychic.

Archetypal lions and the tarot.


On the history of Gnosticism.

The diversity of Druids.

Embracing connections with white sage.

The Morrigan and sovereignty.


Feminist implications in the Kama Sutra.

Charles Dickens was a necromancer in title only.

John Higgs writes again about the oddballs of the 20th century, from Aleister Crowley to Emperor Norton.

The history of the history of Discordianism.

Can a culture ever be considered “dead”?

Racism in the New Age. (See also our review of Bringing Race to the Table.)


The Song of the Earth reviewed.

A review of The Once Unknown Familiar.

Pagan Dreaming reviewed.

A review of Crazy Wisdom.

Calls for submission

Humanistic Paganism is looking for papers on Gaia philosophy and the earth for September publication.

Bonus linkage

So, cat yoga is a thing now. But not in that fling-your-cat-about-and-take-silly-pictures way that it was 10 years ago. This is actually yoga with cats just… hanging about, really.