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Working with spirit pots that aren’t really spirit pots (but kind of are).

On alchemical capitalism.

Why good people do bad things.

On collecting grave dirt.

Balancing money, time, and attention.

On a similar note, pay attention to what you find yourself doing.

Tulpas are getting press on Vice.


People love Dionysus. Here’s another guide on how to get started in your devotions.

Burning incense is psychoactive. Cool.

Who are the Vanir?

Practical ancestor work.


“Anatomically complete” statue of Satan was erected in Vancouver, and one reporter worked in as many puns as he could in this brief segment.

Taylor Ellwood has some great advice on how to prepare workshop copy.

Alan Moore has written a million word novel called Jerusalem. “Now there’s just the small matter of copy editing,” says his daughter. No kidding.


Julian Vayne reviews The KLF and The Dark Lord.

Liber Nox reviewed in Magic of the Ordinary.

Calls for submission

Walking the Worlds is a new biannual journal of polytheism and spiritwork. The debut issue will focus on ancestors and hero cultus, and will launch in December 2014. Deadline: 1 October 2014.


Do mermaids get periods?

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