Messanger Oracle App by Ravynne PhelanMessanger Oracle App by Ravynne PhelanMessenger Oracle App, by Ravynne Phelan Oceanhouse Media, 2018 The Messenger Oracle is an app that is available for iPhone and Android and costs $7.99 (US). It is based on Ravynne Phelan‘s first published deck, Messenger Oracle. This app is worth the money if you want an oracle deck that is available to you at all times, wherever you go. Once loaded, there are five options available from the main menu. These options are as follows: begin a reading, browse cards, load a reading, guidebook, and shop for apps. When you click on “begin a reading” you can choose from three different spreads. The Guide spread is a one-card spread that is great for a daily reading or to seek an answer to a specific question. The Soul and Shadow spread is a three-card spread. The three cards represent the “shadow” (symbolizes a facet of the self which needs to be addressed), the “soul” (symbolizes a personal strength), and “let two be one” (presents a course of action). The other option is the Gaia spread which is a 12-card spread. This provides a much more in-depth reading covering the present, near future, and more distant future. Before using the oracle, Phelan recommends taking a moment to connect with the energy of the deck, and in the “How to Use This Oracle” section, she provides a brief call to help the seeker focus. When you are ready, and you have chosen the preferred spread, simply click on that tab and you will be presented with the deck. You choose cards by swiping the deck left or right and tapping on a card to select it. Once your spread is laid out, tap a card to receive its meaning. The image of the card is revealed first, another tap will pull up its interpretation. If you wish to familiarize yourself with the deck without making a spread, you can select guidebook from the main menu. There, you can read the introduction to the deck, review card spreads and the guide on how to use the Messenger Oracle. You can also choose to browse cards from the main menu. This presents the deck face-up, so you can swipe through the cards, selecting them at will to study the image and read the interpretation.Messanger Oracle App by Ravynne Phelan One of the things I like most about this oracle is the card’s imagery. The images are nature-based, and many of them contain images of animal and humans, or a combination of the two. For example, cards 17, Heed Your Dreams, depicts a tree with autumn-coloured leaves, where a woman’s head and shoulders are merged with the base of the tree’s trunk. A garland of flowers is growing around her and a snake, which is entwined around the tree’s branches, rests its head on her forehead. The images are inspiring, and many contain symbols, such as Celtic knots, which are only visible on a close inspection, inviting the reader to focus on a deeper level. Ravynne Phelan dreamed of becoming an artist as a child. She became a professional artist and illustrator and the age of 33. She is also the author of Seek Journal: Writing & Creativity Journal, Dreams of Dragon and Dragon Kin Coloring Book, and The Dreams of Gaia Tarot.

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This is not the first oracle app I have used, but it is by far the best for three reasons. Firstly, the artwork is stunning and is intricately tied into the interpretive meaning of the card, which enables the reader to explore an in-depth interpretation based on how they resonate with the image. Secondly, the divinatory interpretation of each card is beautifully expressed and easy to remember. Thirdly, I like the fact that there are three different spreads to choose from, which gives the reader the opportunity to make a daily reading, a reading based on a question, or a more detailed reading. I particularly like the Gaia spread, because I find it very in-depth and inspirational. The Messenger Oracle App is suitable for beginners or more experienced readers, and makes a great digital deck to take with you wherever you go.