From: Xi O’Teaz
To: zee-list

>I most always have marvelous results, but a lot of
>times the fallout is quite dramatic and not always
>quite worth the reward.

…i suppose that depends on an awful lot of factors…and whether you are trying something as small as sending a telepathic message to your twin, or something as large as getting spurious george to kill himself for the good of the world…

>The worst part is that people connected with me
>usually get hit too (some get hit real hard, to the
>horror of my guilt ridden, God-fearing twin) and it’s
>not in my intent AT ALL to harm anyone in the

…oooh…i never thought i’d say this, but have you ever even tried adding some qualifier at the end of a working, like “an it harm none”??? …i say this somewhat tongue in cheek, but maybe it’ll work?!?

…i’ve never really encountered this, that i can recall…

>And, the amount of shit that happens is directly
>proportionate to the size and value of the desired
>objective – the bigger it is, the worse things are in
>getting there, all the way around. Downright

…and sometimes, this just goes with the territory…but i’d think it should be more the exception than the rule…

>Any clues, or outright words of wisdom, that any of
>you can give me on exercises or such that I could do
>to strengthen my grip on these things?

…try a different technique??? ;-)

…with magick, your imagination is–literally–the only real limit to what you can do (although i’d argue against this, as well, i s’pose)…

…i’d suggest that you set up some parameters/limitations in which your magick may manifest itself…yes, you’re limiting your chances for “hitting your goal”, but it’s the same with a bomb vs. a bullet…maybe you’ve gotten really good at magickal bombing, so perhaps it’s time to take some sniper classes…maybe start with a machine gun, and work your way toward the more precise aiming skills…

>I know chaos is just that, and it grabs whatever it
>needs to in order to manipulate things and arrange
>them to allow you to get what you’ve ordered

…so order something in a different Way…

>but surely there are means to keep at least some
>rein on it so that it doesn’t just go like
>gangbusters through everything in a bee-line to the
>objective – which is exactly what happens in extreme
>need cases, crushing and soiling a lot of things in
>the process.

…i’d start with some Intents that you aren’t nearly as emotionally needy toward…enchant for a particular song to come on the radio tomorrow, and tomorrow, follow your intuition as to when you turn on the radio, and what station you listen to…


>(hmm – maybe it’s my ‘expedited service’ clause that
>needs tweeked…)

…that might have something to do with it…

…i think the most important thing is you sound like you need to change the manner in which you perform magickal rites…have you tried magickal flowcharts???

…i think you need to focus on setting some parameters, though…”will abort function if…”

or whatever

have fun

be creative

focus on a different technique

give clauses, limitation, or parameters

focus on the bullet, rather than the bomb

and of course

know thy selves