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Windrow asked re–>MyIntuition:

>Do you have any experiments I could try to utilize
>this system myself?

Hmmm… (this is where having a detailed Magickal Record comes in handy)… but since my last entry was a couple years ago… ;-)

First of all, re-read my other posts on this thread.

Second of all, how would *you* get in touch with your Intuition? I did pretty much the same thing (any newage book would have many hints), only I kinda isolated/identified the Neuro-Linguistic Program that is associated with Intuition–strengthening the anchors to access Intuition, personifying “my intuition” as “MyIntuition” (I generally do this with anything I wish to Imbed in my UnConscious), etc.

An example of Chronomancy as mentioned in another post would be to:

  1. Observe and record all sensations with any and all “voices” associated with an answer to a query, specifically looking for your Intuition.
  2. Wait until the answer appears in Real Life.
  3. Go back and determine which voice belonged to whom–e.g. “This voice was the Voice of Doubt; this voice was the Voice of Reason; and this voice was the Voice of Intuition” (this step is *essential* to Mastering one’s Intuition IMHO–certainly essential to Knowing Thy Selves).

From there, I do a few things. First, I notate the qualitative differences in the voices, so that in the future I may better discern them. I then re-program my memory to remember a strong Trust (and knowledge) of my Intuitive voice, with a feeling of distrust in the other (inaccurate) voices. Next time, I should feel a certain Trust in my Intuition, while all other voices are delivered with feelings of uneasiness. It’s a viscious circle upward of Trust for MyIntuition, and downward for the other voices.

Frequently, I would also ask my Intuition to “give me a sign” for something or another. This led me into the divinatory world of


In my Experience, Omens can basically be seen as “subjectively notable occurences in one’s environment that triggers meaningful Divinatory information to be received”.

What this means in practice is that some random thing catches your Attention in a Powerful enough way to enTrance you, and then gives you information about external events, generally completely unrelated to the original trigger (except symbolically).

The “random thing” can be a phrase that catches my attention (overheard, on a magazine cover, etc.), a particular ringing in my ears, a mailbox that stands out—ANY-THING that *catches my Attention*. If this were to be translated to Orthodox Chaoism, this would be the momentary “Gnosis/Trance” phase, I suppose ;-)

The “divinatory information” can come in any Imaginable form, but for me (a very kinesthetic person), I tend to *feel* a very particular form of visceral response (to whatever I am pondering), perhaps desirous/repelled, or perhaps positive/negative, etc.

Forget books on explaining Omens as you would on those that proclaim to reveal Dream symbolism–follow your Intuition in deciphering them both (and much more).

This is what comes to mind. I hope this helped.

Go Well