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<< What are other folk’s opinions of the phenomenon of >so-called `spirit-possession’? Is it `real’? >>

IME, *yes*, it is real. It has been called the same thing as Obsession, which would be accurate, minus the negative connotations modern psychology attaches to it. I have witnessed and Experienced various degrees of Possession, myself.

If you are asking about an “Exorcist” type of Possession, I don’t recall any experience as long-term and dramatic as that (or any other Occult phenomena as it has been portrayed in Hollywood FX, for that matter).

<< Is it ‘just’ a form of `mental illness’? >>

Most psychologists would say *yes*, it is a mental illness.

As a former Psych major, however, I would have to strongly disagree with this stance (one of many things I disagree with mainstream psychology about). I should qualify this statement by saying that *anything* that causes a severe imBalance (with unDesirable effects in one’s life) is a dis-Ease, to me.

So *my* answer would be *no*, it is not a mental illness, unless the Possession impairs your Desired functioning in Life.

<<How would a `chaote’ who does not use the `spirit model’ fit such a phenomenon into their paradigm? >>

A variety of ways (but it would sure help to know what “your paradigm” is):

*Acting* and *role-playing* are but 2 examples of what I would term Possession.

Have you ever done an Invocation? *That* is spirit-Possession.

I really like the idea of morphic fields, and I tend to use them as substitutes for “spirits”. I just access/Link to the morphic field via Correspondences, acting as a channel or conduit, and go from there. I think that both channel and conduit are apt descriptions, but that may be just my Taoist leanings.

I also get Possessed by music at clubs, acting as a channel thru which the music Manifests/Acts-out. I.e., I’m not in control as much as the music is. Lack of primary control is one of the hallmarks of Possession, IMHO.

Another way you could look at Possession is thru the lenses of NLP (one of my favorites). NLP would look at Possession as a Program that has been installed, (at least temporarily) overriding the main Programs that we are accustomed to.

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<< Or must one of necessity include the spirit model in order to explain observable reality? >>

Nope, see above.

<< Or is the question irrelevant because `nothing is true, everything is permitted’? >>


As I always say,