Hidden Insights: Astrology for the week of 29 October 2017

Welcome back to Hidden Insights, and happy Hallowe’en and Samhain to those in the northern hemisphere, and happy Beltane to those in the southern.

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I wanted to take a moment to discuss the astrological influence of Samhain, as many will be celebrating it all over the world this week. According to tradition, the veil between the world’s part when the Sun sits at 15 degrees Scorpio. This allows the holiday to fall anywhere between the 31st of October and 8th of November. This year it happens to fall on the 7th. So if you are unable to join or have your own celebration this week, you have an extra week. Or plan on celebrating it twice!

This week appears to start off with feelings of being lost in a mist, and it’s not just because the veil between the worlds will thin later this weeks. It’s the Moon completing its monthly cycle around the zodiac. In Pisces, the lines between reality and the world’s beyond blur. This could be felt particularly heightened as the Moon dances in a close tango with Neptune. The Moon is also now waxing, so this is the perfect time to manifest our hopes, wishes, and dreams.

Midweek we see the Sun casting its life affirming rays to Saturn and the asteroid Chiron. This can inspire us to want to bring some order and stability into our lives, along with control as many of us will try to get a firmer grip on self-control. This is especially important coming out of the proverbial pink of the Moon from earlier in the week. We also see Mercury just as busy as the Sun also having conversations with Saturn and Chiron. This allows energy around the world to analyze important detail, and observe with a more critical mind, though expressing these findings could be difficult.

In both political and pop culture circles, we are likely to hear announcements this week concerning investigations that have been taking place behind the scenes. It is also highly likely that an unsolved case makes headlines this week.
We start the weekend off with a second and more intense wave of spiritual energy as the Sun trines Neptune. For those blessed with psychic gifts, this is going to switch your senses into overdrive, so be prepared to experience a rush of intuitive energy. I would recommend everyone spend a little extra time shielding and grounding, especially empathic individuals. This all builds to the Full Moon on Saturday. In Taurus we can expect the prospect of lavish soirees that indulge all five of our senses. Make sure you take advantage of this energy by planning a special meal this weekend so you can savour your favourite flavours like never before.

While we have a Taurus Full Moon each autumn, this one will be particularly powerful as the Sun, which shines it’s light to illuminate the Moon, is sitting on the fixed star Acrux. This star is said to give intuition, wisdom, mystery, occult knowledge, while acting as a powerful benefic force. This tells us that the Sun is reflecting this energy onto the Moon which can then shine down on us to harness. On a more mundane level, this energy creates patience and kindness to those that it touches. This will hopefully bless our planet with a wave of tolerance that we can ride for the next few weeks. Essentially, this is a benefic and social Moon that should produce a fairly pleasant and enjoyable weekend for all.

Here’s a look at what each sign can expect for the week ahead.

Aries (21 March — 20 April)

If you didn’t make your move last week, Aries, it’s not too late: Mars continues to travel through Libra, and has finally settled in to the sign. If you did take a chance on any type of relationship last week, you’ll find things start to become more real as the prospect of responsibility sets in. I know staying the course can sometimes be difficult, and it’s much more exciting for an Aries to begin a relationship or deal, but you need to come to terms with the long term energy of what you are initiating. But don’t worry, emotionally you are prepared to stay the course. Wednesday could feel somewhat intense for you as the Moon opposes Mars. At this time you may be more inclined to be in the mood to fight, so it’s important to remember to keep your temper in check. You don’t want to do any damage that could cause unnecessary hurt feelings. This weekend’s full Moon illuminates your financial sector, which could bring financial matters to a head. If you are an Aries born between the 30th of March and 1st of April this full Moon will felt much stronger than your fellow Aries. For you, it will be important to take time to consider ways to expand your wealth, and make the best use of any prosperity magick or intentional focus, as it will be the most potent aspect all year for you.

Taurus (21 April — 20 May)

Coming out of a productive period, you will want to spend most of this week recharging your batteries, Taurus. You are likely to feel a little more tired than usual, and need some alone time. You just want to make sure you use tact, so others don’t feel offended if you need to cancel plans. This is because others may be riding a higher wave than you right now, and that’s ok. By Thursday you may start to feel like you have had enough rest, but still have a need to be pampered by a loved one. Fortunately, for you those around you will be more inclined to give you some extra care and concern. This weekend’s full Moon is very fortunate for you Taurus, as the Moon will be in Taurus at the apex of the illumination. Here, you are able to bring some focus to your personal identity, and have the opportunity to make a change to your physical appearance, or way you present yourself to the world. Those born between the 30th of April and the 1st of May will be experiencing this Moon in a very personal way as it sits on the natal Sun. This also signals a period where something in your life as either come to completion, or needs to be removed. This is especially, true if it’s something that is neither useful nor necessary. On a more mundane level, this full Moon desire to change something in our lives could easily manifest in your personal living space.

Gemini (21 May — 20 June)

With the exception of the 31st, this should be an uneventful week for you, Gemini. On the 31st, Mercury is inspired to make you feel a little more sentimental than usual. However, by the end of the week you are likely to be thinking more clearly. This is important, as others may come to you for advice, and your clear and concise observations will be exactly what they need. At this point, you will want to draw on life experiences, and life lessons you have learned in previous years to help make things clear for a friend. This weekend’s full Moon illuminates your sector of introspection, so it is vitally important that if someone comes to you for help this week, you don’t let yourself get too involved. The Moon in this position almost guarantees that others have the capacity to overwhelm you. Health and wellness matters may also come to light this week with others, which may be the advice, council, or support that you need to give.

Cancer (21 June — 20 July)

It’s never a dull week for you, Cancer, as you’ve been blessing with a ruling planet that is always on the go. For you, this week is all about hitting the ground running with responsibilities. While you love your space and enjoy a personal retreat at home, you will need to spend more time out and about. This is because you are in the process of working hard to save your reputation, and move yourself ahead in life. You are likely to also experience strong cooperative energy with peers and groups with whom you must work. It’s also important to know not to expect to get much sleep this week, as the Moon moves to her glorious fullness. While each month, this often makes it more difficult to sleep, you will be particularly invigorated by the Moon as passes over the apex of the heavens in your solar chart. On a more mundane level, you are likely to have very positive interactions with authority figures, or those in positions of power. Use this energy wisely to show off your talents and get the attention you need and deserve to get ahead. The slack you may have picked up from last week will now be noticed.

Leo (21 July — 20 August)

What a perfectly romantic week for you, Leo! While most of the world is kicking off their spooky celebrations, you’re more focused on how to spend some much needed one-on-one time with someone important in your life. Where you typically enjoy being the centre of attention, this week you’re able to focus on others. This is a bit of a change from last week, when you were focusing more on yourself, and you certainly may have made a stir letting your ferocity shine. You would also do well to try and see the larger picture this week and avoid stressing over the smaller details. You don’t want to have to deal with racing thoughts two weeks in a row. This weekend’s full Moon is growing large in your house of career and reputation. Think of this week as the time for you to set your sights higher at work. You may even find that it might be time to change jobs or positions. Have you accomplished everything you can in your current position? Are you wasting your talents? If these thoughts cross your mind, take stock of what is important to you, and if you feel you need to move on from your current work situation, start looking for other avenues or opportunities. On Saturday you may make an important connection, or hear of an exciting job prospect that would be worth at least taking a look at.

Virgo (21 August — 20 September)

As the Sun prepares to make a harmonious aspect from your house of communication to Neptune in your house of other people in your life, it may be time this week to have an important conversation this week, Virgo. A situation that has seemed confusing or even downright delusional may get some new light shone on it, and will require your attention. This is particularly auspicious as Mercury, the planet of communication, spends its last days in your house of communication. Don’t be surprised if you notice others trying to pull the wool over your eyes, as someone in your life may be trying to cling to the final sting of a secret. Fortunately for you, your naturally discerning eye is able to not only see right through others, but you can conjure up the right words for any challenging situation. This weekend’s full Moon will occur in your house of travel. You will likely finalize any travel plans you have coming up, but don’t be surprised if you have to make some small adjustments to get things just right.

Libra (21 September — 20 October)

This week is all about shock and awe for you, Libra, as your ruling planet applies to an opposition with the most shocking planet in the heavens, Uranus. The best we can assume for the week is to expect the unexpected. Where you typically enjoy balance and rules, you may find yourself itching to be a little naughty. It’s fun breaking the rules sometimes, isn’t it? You may also feel a sense of restlessness this week, and your relationships may feel a bit rocky, as you may have fleeting thoughts of dissatisfaction with your current romantic situation. This weekend’s full Moon may not be as exciting for you as it is for others, as it brings some more responsibility into your life. Which for you will feel like a breath of fresh air after the erratic week you will have had. At best, this full Moon may also bring in some unexpected funds to you as well. Make sure you put these funds to good use by saving it for a rainy day, or an unexpected expense.

Scorpio (21 October — 20 November)

With Jupiter, the Sun, and Mercury all dancing in your sign, this week continues to be glorious for you, Scorpio, as luck seems to follow you wherever you go. Children also seem to be playing a larger role in your life this week. From children seemingly fascinated with you in public, to unexpected little visitors to your home, you’ll certainly be surrounded by youth. Keep in mind this is larger than Hallowe’en, so don’t expect to get through it all in one night. What the universe is attempting to help you understand, is how to reconnect with your own inner child. Try an adult colouring book, see how that makes you feel. (Maybe Jasmine Becket-Griffith Halloween Coloring Book?) Don’t forget that adult colouring books also come in more exotic themes, if you know where to look. As a Scorpio, I’m sure you know how to find them. This weekend’s full Moon is particularly important to you this month as the light of the Sun casts Scorpio energy on the Taurus Moon. It’s now time for you to learn to lean on others, and find a way to allow those close to you fully be allowed into the deeper mysteries of your heart, mind, and soul.

Sagittarius (21 November — 20 December)

Still recovering from the last few weeks, you continue to need some more time to yourself, Sagittarius. The Moon this week moves through the second quadrant of your chart, which brings focus towards inward reflection. However, you must remember not to allow a preoccupation with thoughts of someone else take up too much of your time. They are doing their thing, and you need to be doing yours. Monday and Tuesday will be the most emotionally tense day for you, but remember that it is fleeting. It will be important not to let any habits from your past come back to influence your current situation. The rest of the week should be much more energetic for you, and you should use this energy to get out of the house and socialize. You never know, you may meet someone that will help distract you from your worries. The full Moon this weekend will illuminate your sector of duty and health, which seems to come just in time if you were feeling under the weather last week. It allows you to get back on track with routines you may have fallen out of habit with. If a friend asks you to be an exercise buddy, take them up on their offer. Or better yet, ask someone yourself!

Capricorn (21 December —20 January)

Last week you were able to be recognized for your accomplishments, Capricorn, and this week you can rest on your laurels. It is certainly shaping up to be a very busy and social week for you, as everyone seems to want some of your attention. Indulge friends and family with some extra time, you deserve it. However, you may want to ride along with others as opposed to taking your own car, as it is possible you will see some car trouble this week. Make sure you have plenty of gas, your oil is changed, and your tires are fully inflated. You don’t want to run into any unfortunate circumstances because of a slight oversight. The full Moon this weekend brings with it optimism, and a sense of adventure. You’re more willing to dream about ways to have fun in your life, and look forward to a time when you don’t have to work so hard. Part of this comes from your need to be with a romantic partner, and you don’t want to waste precious time tending to responsibilities when you could be spending more time together. Fortunately for you, you are able to plan better than anyone else, and if you put your mind to it, you can use the full Moon this weekend to find a way to balance a work and love.

Aquarius (21 January — 20 February)

Last week’s excitement continues, Aquarius, though it’s a bit more tempered, and not quite as grand. As Venus moves to an opposition with Uranus expect to spend a lot of time texting, emailing, or talking on the phone, as your social calendar has the potential to explode. Though you won’t want to rule out someone cancelling plans. Try to go with the flow, and let plans be made and broken at will. Your siblings, both biological and hand selected, will be more active in your life this week. Try to catch up with a brother or sister to see how they are doing. Who knows, you may find out they have become serious with someone and a wedding may be on the horizon. Work continues to be hectic, as the Sun in your tenth house makes an aspect to Neptune in your second. Here you may hear about a bonus, experience a delay or error related to your paycheque or timecard, or need to make a change to your tax or insurance information. The full Moon this weekend illuminates your sector of home and family, brining siblings back into focus, as well as parents. Of course a full Moon here also brings the culmination of a project at work that allows you to back off a little and spend more time at home. If possible, try nesting this weekend and put the stress of work out of your mind. You’ve done the best you can, and you can’t solve everyone’s problem. Let others take the reins for a while.

Pisces (21 February —20 March)

Responsibilities seem to be catching up with you this week, Pisces. While you naturally flow with the spiritual energies of the world around you, sometimes you have bring yourself back down to the mundane world. This is going to be one of those weeks. Making a plan, and even a list will help you stay both organized and focused as you tend to some of the more boring aspects of life. You are also likely to either receive or remember you have some important paperwork to fill out this week. Make sure you get it submitted or postmarked on time. Financial matters also come into focus this week for you, and where this can be tricky territory for you at times. You might want to ask for some help budgeting. Also avoid lending any money to friends or coworkers, as it’s highly unlikely you will see it returned any time soon. If you do feel the need to assist someone financially, think of the funds as a gift you are giving to avoid the stress of wondering when or if you will be repaid. This weekend’s full Moon may feel a bit chaotic for you, as you may be bombarded with events, others’ needs, and generally feeling like you are being pulled in too many different directions all at once. Here is where your Piscean flow can help you. Focus on one thing at a time, especially what has to be dealt with immediately, leaving the rest for another day.