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witchcraft and social media at spiral nature

Witchcraft and social media: Digital tools for magick

Digital spaces in general, and social media specifically, offers witches so may exciting new ways to perform magick and connect to other witches. It’s an exciting time to be a witch!
Let's Create Magic by TheEye4Art

Magick for gadgets: Using magick with technology

We rely on our technology but we don't think of it as magickal. Here are some tips and tricks to combine magick and technology.
Circuit board, photo by Creativity103

How to use technology for better magick

Technology and magick can be used together for greater magick. These devices, apps, and websites will help grow and manage your practice.

Shadowrun: How a video game changed my view of magick

Shadowrun is a cult classic video game that shows today's magic practitioners that it is ok to work with both technology and magick.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot