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Gastropod fossil, photo by James St. John

Connecting with the ancient wisdom of fossil magick

If you are drawn to things of the spirit, consider fossils as powerful helpers. Wherever you live, consider learning a little about geology.
Dreaming the Divine, by Scott Cunningham

Dreaming the Divine, by Scott Cunningham

Dreaming the Divine by Scott Cunningham is a multilayered work that offers a thorough introduction to the practices associated with sacred sleep.
Plague doctor, Wellcome Library, London

Four Thieves: From medicine to magick

The legend of the Four Thieves blend is shrouded in history and myth, can be used for one's health as medicine and can also be used for magick.

Divination for Beginners, by Scott Cunningham

Divination for Beginners: Reading the Past, Present & Future, by Scott Cunningham Llewellyn Worldwide, 0738703842, 199 pp. (+ appendices, glossary and bibliography), 2003 This book, scheduled...

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot