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The Power of the Infinity Symbol, by Barbara Heider-Rauter

With The Power of the Infinity Symbol one may find some helpful guidance of how to cultivate a practice of working with the lemniscate.
Runic Book of Days by S. Kelley Harrel

Runic Book of Days, by S. Kelley Harrell

S. Kelley Harrell's Runic Book of Days is a refreshingly sincere and thoughtful way to learn about runs for Heathens.
Crystal Clear by Golnaz Aliibagi

Crystal Clear, by Golnaz Alibagi

Crystal Clear: Change Your Energy, Heal Your Life by Golnaz Alibagi has certainly piqued my crystal curiosity once again.
Everyday Tarot

Everyday Tarot, by Brigit Esselmont

Everyday Tarot: Unlock your Inner Wisdom and Manifest your Future by Brigit Esselmont is a tarot workbook that goes beyond a guidebook.
You Are Magical, by Tess Whitehurst

You Are Magical, by Tess Whitehurst

In You Are Magical, Tess Whitehurst offers an introduction to "the fundamentals of living a magical life."
Psychedelic Mystery Traditions by Thomas Hatsis

Psychedelic Mystery Traditions, by Thomas Hatsis

In Psychedelic Mystery Traditions, Thomas Hatsis argues that humans have always sought to alter their consciousness using pharmka.
John Bauer Tarot by John Bauer

John Bauer Tarot

John Bauer’s art lends itself perfectly to the world of the tarot due to its creative mythology and fantastic landscapes.
Working Conjure by Sen Moise

Working Conjure, by Hoodoo Sen Moise

Hoodoo Sen Moise explores the origins and practice of hoodoo rootwork in Working Conjure: A Guide to Hoodoo Folk Magic.
Tarot de la Nuit by Alexandra Bach and Carole Anne Eschenazi

Tarot de la Nuit

The Tarot de la Nuit began when Alexandra V. Bach and Carole Anne Eschenazi created a universe where darkness revealed its beauty and purity.
Heart Vision by Michael Orland Yaccarino

Heart Vision, by Michael Orlando Yaccarino

Michael Orland Yaccarino offers tarot lovers a book exclusively focused on the process of self-reading in Heart Vision: Tarot’s Inner Path.
Miracle Club by Mitch Horowitz

The Miracle Club, by Mitch Horowitz

In The Miracle Club, Mitch Horowitz deep dives into the New Thought movement -- tracing its roots and its earliest proponents.
Image of Nux from the Dark Goddess Oracle Card deck.

Dark Goddess Oracle Cards

Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Flavia Kate Peters and Kate Osborne combined their wisdom to create Dark Goddess Oracle to illuminate the shadow.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

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