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The Infernal Texts, by Stephen Sennitt

The Infernal Texts, edited by Stephen Sennitt

Infernal Texts: Nox and Liber Koth provide an enchanting snapshot of chaos magick's darker influences in the 1980s, the edge of which seems dulled in subsequent generations. It's an intriguing book.

Review: The Pseudonomicon, by Phil Hine

The Pseudonomicon, by Phil Hine New Falcon Publications, 1561841951, 64 pp. (incl. bibliography), 1996, 2004 This slim tome offers a living example of an approach...

Review: Rebels and Devils, edited by Christopher S. Hyatt

Rebels & Devils: The Psychology of Liberation, edited by Christopher S. Hyatt New Falcon, 1561841536, 428 pp., 1996, 2000 Rebels and Devils is a collection of...

Review: Prime Chaos, by Phil Hine

Prime Chaos: Adventures in Chaos Magic, by Phil Hine New Falcon, 1561841374, 240 pp. (incl. recommended reading), 1993 Herein contained the reader will find much...
Condensed Chaos, by Phil Hine

Condensed Chaos, by Phil Hine

Condensed Chaos: An Introduction to Chaos Magic is indeed an excellent introduction to chaos magick, and to magick in general.
Spirits, image by Torley

Sigils, servitors and godforms: part II

A servitor is generally considered to be a part of the personality of the magician that has been severed from themselves.

Chaos versus eclectic magick

Chaos magick is eclectic, but eclectic magick is not necessarily chaos magick.

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