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Osogbo, by Ocha'ni Lele

Osogbo, by Ócha’ni Lele

Osogbo is a catalyst to growth, for strengthening us and egging us on to great achievements, necessary for human evolution, and decreed by the divine.

Teachings of the Santeria Gods, by Ocha’ni Lele

Teachings of the Santeria Gods: The Spirit of the Odu, by Ocha'ni Lele Destiny Books, 9781594773327, 270 pp. (incl. glossary and index), 2010 Teachings of the...

The Diloggun, by Ocha’ni Lele

The Diloggun: The Orishas, Proverbs, Sacrifices, and Prohibitions of Cuban Santeria, by Ocha'ni Lele (B. Stuart Myers) Inner Traditions, 089281912X, 2003 The author of this...

Obi, by Ocha’ni Lele

Obi: Oracle of Cuban Santeriaby, Ocha'ni Lele (B. Stuart Myers) Destiny Books, 0892818646, 2001 This book, by a priest of Santeria, who also holds initiations...
The Secrets of Afro-Cuban Divination, by Ocha'ni Lele

The Secrets of Afro-Cuban Divination, by Ocha’ni Lele

The Secrets of Afro-Cuban Divination not a book intended for the general reader. Rather, it is intended for a relatively specialized audience.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot