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Strange sigil, photo by Alexander Synaptic

Sigil magick: Down and dirty

One of the simplest forms of magick to do is sigil magick. Sigils can be found throughout the magick world, and are often used...
Circuit board, photo by Creativity103

How to use technology for better magick

Technology and magick can be used together for greater magick. These devices, apps, and websites will help grow and manage your practice.
Wicca: Another Year and a Day, by Timothy Roderickother-year-and-a-day-timothy-roderick

Wicca: Another Year and a Day, by Timothy Roderick

With Wicca: Another Year and a Day, Timothy Roderick has created a workbook that draws on a greater level of spiritual insight.
Linkage, chain background image by Faramarz Hashemi

Muses, spirit boxes, and magick squares

Is a talisman a kind of spirit box?
Magic Square, photo by Marco Fedele

Magick squares, sigils and planetary seals

These pages detail an ancient form of magick that have been updated for modern practitioners, including magick squares, sigils and planetary seals.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot