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The importance of keeping a magical diary.

Does old guard magick reject psychology?

Divination with the muses.

An alternate version of the Sphinx Gate tarot spread from The Neverending Story. (See the previous one we linked to here.)

Is a talisman a kind of spirit box?

Often when you read tarot for a client, they won’t tell you how they’re filtering what you read and communicate to them. It’s much easier when clients permit a more collaborative reading.

What initiation is really about.

Are spirits like artificial intelligences?


Jason Thomas Pitzl opens up about sexual exploitation in an third-degree Wiccan initiation (trigger warning).

An interview with Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, founder of The Grey School of Wizardry.

How do you find community if you’re a Pagan introvert?

If you enjoyed our article on how to plan a pilgrimage, you may also like this one on visiting ancient sites.

Why we should have little altars everywhere.

Want to make a Dionysus altar on the cheap? Do it in six easy steps.

On battling gender stereotypes and worshipping fierce goddesses.

The philosophic and ethical underpinnings of Hinduism.

The world’s oldest ritual has been discovered, featuring a python worshipped more than 70,000 years ago in Botswana.

An excerpt from China’s Cosmological Prehistory on magick squares.


B. K. S. Iyengar, who helped bring yoga to the West, died at 95.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal offers an oddly reasoned argument as to why there are no ghosts.

Sarah Thompson with a great post on how to be an ally.


Grimoires is reviewed in Blue Flame Magick.

Deborah Castellano reviews The Golden Moth Illumination Tarot Deck.

A new book on salvia divinorum is reviewed on A Bad Witch’s Blog.

Jason Pitzl-Waters reviews A Million and One Gods.

Aleister Crowley: The Beast in Berlin is reviewed by Jason Louv.

Gus diZerega demonstrates why authors should never respond publicly to reviews. C’mon, dude.

H.P. Lovecraft was super racist, and pretending it’s not true doesn’t make it go away. (FYI, a statue of Octavia Butler would be a really nifty choice for the World Fantasy Award.)

Calls for submission

The Pantheon Foundation is accepting papers from second year (and later) master of divinity students for its 2014 Diotima Prize, which comes with a $1,000 purse. Deadline: 1 September 2014.

Crossing the River: A Devotional to Our Beloved Dead is seeking submissions. Editor Camilla Laurentine is looking for meditations, poems, hymns, prayers, original retellings of myths, rituals, and scholarly articles with a focus on historical practices within one’s tradition. Deadline: 28 February 2015.

Megalithica Books is looking for submissions for an anthology about Pagan traditions. Editors CJ Blackwood and Tara “Masery” Miller are particularly looking for articles and stories from tradition or organization leaders and founders as well as other leaders who have a wider view of the Pagan landscape. Deadline: 1 March 2015.

Beth Lynch is looking for submissions for Masks of the High One: a Devotional Anthology for Odin. Her intent is to capture “a true reflection of some of Odin’s countless masks (both historical and modern), His relationships with His devotees, and the myriad ways in which He inspires and changes people’s lives.” Deadline: 1 May 2014.


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