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Dictionary of Ancient Magic Words and Spells, by Claude Lecouteux

25 occultnik books reviewed and ranked from 2016

Spiral Nature published more than 95 reviews of books and tarot decks in 2016, and we thought it might be handy to share some of the most popular.
Altar candles, photo by distelfliege

Exploring the sabbath from a magical point of view

When I first came up with the idea, I was skeptical, but the practice of keeping the sabbath turned out to be just what I needed.
The Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis, by David Chaim Smith

The Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis, by Smith

The Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis offers a unique perspective, and presents kabbalah in a nondualistic and nontheistic fashion.

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Occultnik Cabal



Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot