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Emerald pathway, image by Guian Bolisay

Limping towards heaven: Walking pathway 25, Samekh

Walking pathway 25 confirmed for me that magick works, and it has consequences.
Twin Peaks, Log Lady

Twin Peaks: The fire still burns

Like all Lynch's best work, Twin Peaks partakes strongly of the numinous, the dream-like blurring of state.
The Esoteric Secrets of Surrealism, by Patrick Lepetitt

The Esoteric Secrets of Surrealism, by Patrick Lepetit

The Esoteric Secrets of Surrealism symbolizes a reuniting of art, science, and mysticism: the head, body, and heart, all working together.
True Detective, from Edpiano

True Detective: A flat circle in Chapel Perilous

Within True Detective the Yellow King is kept at a remove...mentioned with fear but never precisely seen.
Gears, by martinak15

Interview with Fenwick Kaidevis Rysen

An interview with Fenwick Kaidevis Rysen, chatting about altered states of consciousness, enlightenment, and his theories on integral magick.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot