Tree roots, photo by SarahTzWe are all searching for something we know as home, something that we feel is home. Home is not necessarily a particular physical place. Rather it is a place of connection in the heart that is full of belonging. Home is something that changes as we change. It is a place where we are at peace with things, where we are safe and open to whatever needs to happen. Sometimes we stumble across home without meaning to. Home is a feeling of warmth, it is a moment of truth that transcends all time.

As we live our life, we learn about home and we learn about ourselves. Home is a story. Home is a way. Home is a Medicine Song carried into the night by the Moon and further along by her lover, the Sun as they come together in harmony and balance. Home is all that feels familiar and comfortable, it inspires us to always and forever be more. It is the silent dream of a child, wishing, hoping, creating… unlimited by the fears and emptiness of those who turn away from the earth’s energy.

No matter what, home is the ground upon which we walk, which has always been there for us and always offers herself to us tenderly. The land and the people are one. The spirit never dies.

The way of the shaman is the way of life, it is the way of humility, of giving, of loving and of thankfulness.

As you walk your journey do not forget to touch Elohino, Mother Earth. As you walk let your footsteps fall lightly upon the ground. Come down upon your knees press your hands gently upon her body, feel her heart beating. Do not forget what she feels like. Listen closely to her humming, her smells and sounds. Listen to her ancient song that needs no words. She will never ask you to come to her, that is not her way. She asks for nothing and offers everything.

Whether you have found home or you are looking, it is good to be thankful. Thankful for what it is that has power for you. What holds beauty for you. What gives you peace and joy. The sacred fire glows eternally in our hearts and for this, we have much to be thankful.

These are my words of life, these are my words of truth. I speak the words, and this is my breath of life, take it in and offer it forth.

Ogedoda Galun’ lahi
Osada Nuwati
Wah doh

O Great One
Who dwells in the sky
illuminating all that is,
Giving good medicine of life
and the Great Creation,
our Mother Earth
Knowing that all things are as they should be,
We give thanks for the
beauty of all things
O Great One
We Give Thanks

Image credit: SarahTz